Frequently Asked Questions about Buying Timeshare (FAQ)

This page covers many of the good reasons to buy a timeshare resale using the convenient self-service, subscription resale option offered on this website.

Q. Does buying a timeshare resale really save money?

A: The buyer locks in the cost of vacation accommodations at today’s prices when he or she purchases a timeshare. If that timeshare is purchased on the resale market, then the savings are even greater.

Owners can vacation for a few years or for a lifetime at their timeshare and if or when owning timeshare no longer fits their lifestyle, they can sell a timeshare unit, interval, or points, and recoup some of their original cost. That’s quite a contrast to the thousands of dollars people would typically spend on hotels, which always means money out the window!

Q. How does timesharing work?

A: Timeshare owners may hold the right to vacation at a specific resort (sometimes even revisiting a specific unit), or they may hold the right to plan their vacation at their choice of many resorts. The vacation dates may be flexible, known as a floating week, or set, known as a fixed week. Owners of floating weeks may have the right to book their vacation at any time during the year or they may be limited to booking their vacations during a pre-established season.

Q. Speaking of timeshare seasons ... what does the term mean?

A: Every resort experiences peak seasons when it is busier or more in-demand than at other times of the year. Naturally, peak season timeshare ownership costs more to purchase or requires more timeshare points to book than timeshare in a lower demand season.

Additionally, timeshare seasons don’t match calendar seasons; for example, winter is a peak season at most ski resorts but can be a lower demand season at a beach resort. For this reason, timeshare seasons are typically categorized as: red; white (or yellow); and blue (or green) seasons.

Q. How long is the average timeshare vacation interval?

A: Timeshare is generally sold in blocks of one week of vacation time, although timeshare points may be sold in incremental amounts, especially when purchased as timeshare resales. Many timeshare owners purchase multiple weeks of timeshare or a large number of vacation ownership points, in order to enjoy multiple getaways or longer vacations each year.

Q. How does the process to buy or sell a timeshare resale work?

A: Interested buyers shop for a timeshare to fit their vacation preferences here on When they find the timeshare deal they want, they submit their offer to buy through this website. The current owner is then notified of the offer and has the right to accept it, reject it, or counter the offer. is a subscription based, self-service timeshare sales and rental website. The process is wholly transparent, user defined, and never involves a middleman. However, once a seller connects with a buyer, they may choose to involve the paid services of a timeshare broker or timeshare closing company of their own selection to close the deal. Recommended services include: Gateway Timeshare Resales (1-877-536-0560) or, for Florida and Nevada properties, Timeshare Broker Associates (1-877-624-6889).

Timeshare transfers generally take 4 to 6 weeks, and include closing costs, in some cases transfer fees, and in states that require review by an attorney, legal fees. Despite these necessary expenses, the decision to buy or sell a timeshare through this simple by-owner process remains one of the most cost effective ways available today to sell or purchase vacation ownership.



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