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Why wouldn’t someone want to buy a resale timeshare? They're basically the same as when sold through the resort, but are typically 50-60% cheaper because they don't have the resort's marketing costs baked in. 

Sellers need to understand this when considering to sell their timeshare, because consumers who buy timeshares nowadays do their research online, like every other product. Often a prospective buyer will even go online while they are still at the resort (hearing the resort sales pitch) to see how much money they can save if they buy a timeshare resale.

Owners looking to sell their timeshare should take this into consideration when selling, since the more attractive the price, the better chance they’ll have to sell as consumers continue to look for the best deals to buy timeshares.

We’ve been attracting timeshare buyers since 2000 through our online marketing strategies that now pull in over one million visitors a year to our websites.  

Our innovative program lets owners advertise their timeshares for sale directly onto our platform, building an ad through a self-service program that gives the owner control of the sales process. No sales commissions or additional fees needed, it's 100% free! 

Browse our resort directory to view thousands of resale timeshares in our platform. Still have questions? View our Buyer FAQ page for some common topics.

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