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When owners first decide to sell their timeshare, they ask themselves two main questions – where do I start and how much should I ask for it? Fortunately, you’ve started here at, so you’ve answered your first question. The second question can be answered through our Free Market Analysis tool.

Assessing the price of a timeshare on the resale market can be difficult because of the way it was originally priced at the resort. Sales commissions and marketing costs can make up 50-60% of the initial resort price of a timeshare, which artificially inflates the price. Owners are often surprised to find out their timeshare has a lower value as a resale, since they have been conditioned by the resort sales staff to think of it as a real estate investment, which it is not. So we have developed our Free Market Analysis tool to help you gauge what people are asking for their timeshare.

Free Market Analysis – Simple and Effective

Just go to the Free Market Analysis form on this page and enter in your details. Be as specific as you can about the information for your timeshare, so our system can be as accurate as possible. The system will automatically calculate an average asking price for your timeshare from the advertisers using our platform, giving you a great start when you estimate your price.

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Our program is a cost-effective way to advertise your timeshare for sale online because it's 100% free. Using our free service, you can build you own advertisement onto our platform – saving on costly advertising fees and keeping the proceeds of the sale for yourself. Because you can cancel at any time, you just use our service for as much, or little, time as you need to.

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What is your timeshare worth? Find out using our market analysis tool, which provides an estimated value based on key features of your timeshare, including the location and associated points.

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