On a Mission to Change the Perception of Timeshare Resale Companies

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Simple Reliable Risk-Free Effective

That’s our commitment to you.

As one of the only timeshare resale companies to be recognized again and again by the world’s leading resort industry and tourism associations (ARDA, AMDETUR, and CRTA), we pride ourselves on our simple, transparent way of doing business.

Whatever your experience with your timeshare, or your reason for wanting to sell your timeshare, our mission is to help you be successful in the resale market by connecting you with buyers.

We Believe Everything About How Timeshares Work Should be Simple

Working with Sell a Timeshare is a much smarter and easier option than simply ignoring your maintenance fees, or continuing to pay for your timeshare when you’re no longer using it.

Our Mission-Driven Difference

Empowering Timeshare Sellers and Buyers

You don’t have to contend with a sales process or salespeople.Promote your timeshare directly on our platform so it can be marketed online immediately to timeshare buyers who are actively looking for timeshares for sale.

Applying Decades of Experience to Timeshare Resales

Timeshare sellers who work with us see right away that our experience makes a difference. We’ve been connecting timeshare sellers with buyers in the resale market since 2000, using our simple, reliable, and risk-free advertising platform. We’ve also engaged a licensed real estate brokerage company, Timeshare Broker Associates, to process the sale for our customers, truly removing the guesswork from every step.

Providing the Best Timeshare Resale Value

We don’t believe in hidden fees because our mission is to be fair with every timeshare seller we work with. We want to provide a transparent process from start to finish that ends with a successful sale and positive experience.

Giving Timeshare Sellers Optimal Visibility

We leverage a sophisticated blend of online marketing tactics to promote our website, targeting a vast online audience of timeshare buyers who are actively searching for timeshares for sale. Our marketing strategies attract one million visitors each year, and those who sell their timeshare using our platform benefit from that high level of exposure.

Our Mission is to help you Sell Your Timeshare
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0% Hassle

Our sister company ,Timeshare Broker Associates, will manage your sale from start to finish, ensuring the offer is legitimate and that you’re satisfied with the outcome.

2 Decades

Our experience in the timeshare resale industry dates back to 2000.

3 Affiliations

We’re the only timeshare resale company that is a member of the 3 foremost tourism and timeshare associations, ARDA, CRTA, and AMDETUR.

2 Sister Companies

We give timeshare sellers confidence because we also work with Buy a Timeshare and Timeshare Broker Associates, enabling a seamless engagement from the initial posting to the final signature.

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