Sell WorldMark Timeshare

The day has come. You’ve vacationed your heart out and are ready to move on from your WorldMark timeshare. While this can be a big decision, it doesn’t have to be a stressful one.’s innovative timeshare marketplace allows timeshare owners to advertise their vacation property online seamlessly and without a salesperson. Here’s how it works:

     1. You start by choosing a subscription plan that best fits your needs. If you’re looking to sell your WorldMark       timeshare, you’ll only need to pay $14.95 per month with the option to cancel any time.

     2. Once you’ve completed the sign up process you’ll be able to log in to your account and create your timeshare ad. This ad will appear on’s platform of websites that receive about a million viewers per year.

     3. Once your ad is set up, you can begin receiving offers from real people who are interested in purchasing or renting your timeshare. These offers can come as soon as you post your ad, so make sure your email has added to its safe sender list to prevent you from missing any offers.

That’s it! We’ve made the process super simple because that’s what our customers deserve. Probably why major timeshare industry associations choose to trust us.

Here are a few other reasons to choose

  • No commissions. Get more for your timeshare by working directly with buyers and renters by cutting out the middle-man.
  • We’ve received nearly $90 million in buyer and rental offers in the past 2 years!
  • 30 days of free advertising when you sign up.

Ready to get started? Head over to our subscription center and choose a plan.

Why WorldMark Is a Timeshare That Sells

Unlike other timeshares, WorldMark offers its owners the option to vacation anywhere within its collection of 60 resorts. You aren’t tied to a specific resort for a specific time period of the year. Instead, your unit size, view, and amenities as well as your length of stay are much more flexible. This flexibility is something that buyers love in a timeshare purchase.

Furthermore, WorldMark is owned by Wyndham, one of the largest timeshare companies in the world. Club Wyndham has more than 500,000 members!

WorldMark Timeshare FAQ

Can I Sell My WorldMark Vacation Credits (Points)?

Yes! Just because you don’t have a deeded timeshare doesn’t mean you can’t sell your WorldMark points and housekeeping tokens on the resale market. If you browse through any of the WorldMark For Sale pages such as this one you’ll see that all of the advertisements show the number of points.

When Will My Timeshare Sell?

Like most products, the lower it is priced the faster it may sell.

Can I Cancel My Subscription with After My Timeshare Has Sold?

Absolutely! In fact, you may cancel your subscription at any time.

WorldMark Scam Watch

WorldMark is one of the few timeshare companies that has developed a team to fight WorldMark timeshare resale scams. This team is called the WorldMark by Wyndham Scambusters team and it works to protect Worldmark owners from unethical resale, rental, cancellation, transfer and relief scams. The team has reported heavy scam activity with WorldMark timeshare rentals recently.

The typical rental scam involves a phony company offering to rent out your WorldMark timeshare for cash, but requiring a ‘small’ fee to complete the rental. The phony company gets the fee and doesn’t rent out the timeshare. The company will say a renter was lined up, but decided to cancel. There will usually be something in the fine print of the contract that says a refund is not required if the renter decides to cancel.

Protect yourself from scams like this by following these guidelines:

  • Never trust an unsolicited call from a timeshare resale company offering to sell or rent your timeshare.
  • Don’t share your account’s login information with others.
  • Don’t believe a timeshare resale company that guarantees a buyer or renter is lined up.
  • Never wire money to a timeshare resale company. Use a credit card with consumer protection.

Additionally, it is recommended that you ask for the phone number of the company making the solicitation and then giving that phone number a call. Legitimate companies usually have a voice mail box set up that mentions the company name or someone answering the phone that mentions the company name.

Top WorldMark Credit (Point) Sales

WorldMark timeshare owners have received some amazing offers on our platform of websites. Because WorldMark works on a credit system, there isn’t one specific resort that typically receives higher offers over another. Instead, buyers tend to make offers based on the maintenance fee cost or the price per point. Historically, one of the highest offers received for a WorldMark by Wyndham timeshare on our platform of websites was $52,000 for 16,000 credits. At a $3.25 per point cost, this is significantly higher than the norm, but sometimes sellers get lucky. An offer that we’ve historically received that is more in-line with other offers was $23,000 for 63,000 points or $.36 per point.

Some other historically high offers include:

  • $39,027 for 6,000 credits
  • $30,000 for 58,000 credits
  • $30,000 for 57,000 credits
  • $28,000 for 65,000 credits
  • $28,000 for 168,000 credits

Top WorldMark Resorts

It’s wise to keep a few enticing facts in mind about WorldMark’s top resorts so you’ll have some selling points to respond with if a buyer ever tries to lowball you on your credits. The top WorldMark resorts include:

WorldMark Anaheim

This Orlando timeshare is within walking distance to Disneyland. Guests love watching the fireworks at night from the Jacuzzis on the roof at the end of a long day at this resort.

WorldMark Steamboat Springs

Located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, this timeshare is perfect for those looking to hit the slopes. Guests enjoy the free shuttle to and from the slopes and the indoor and outdoor pools.

WorldMark Coral Baja, Mexico

This newly renovated resort offers breathtaking views of the pool and ocean from most rooms. The rooms are large, the pool has a swim up bar and some rooms even have rooftop hot tubs.

And many more! Ready to get started? Sign up for your free trial today!