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Get all of the answers you need for your questions about how to sell a timeshare.


How does an owner know if he or she is really ready to sell timeshare?


Perhaps an owner's financial situation has changed, or the kids have grown up and don't use the timeshare. Maybe there are health concerns to traveling or a change in the family dynamics. Whatever the case, the time eventually comes when you'll need to sell your timeshare.

Owning a timeshare is a great way to vacation—as long as owners are using and enjoying their vacation ownership. If they find their timeshare is no longer convenient to use or no longer fits their lifestyle, then it makes sense to sell timeshare weeks or points as a timeshare resale.

Some owners may be looking for a quick sell, which will motivate them to price their timeshare aggressively and competitively. Other owners may be willing to wait longer, seeking someone who is willing to pay a higher asking price.


Is there a market for timeshare resales?


Although some outlets attempt to create headlines implying that timeshares do not sell on the resale market, this is just not true. Each month, thousands of couples and families look online for timeshare information and deals – placing offers onto the timeshares for sale in our network of websites.

It is why we’ve seen $90million in offers just in the last two years.

Understandably, demand will be greater for some timeshares than for others. However, sellers of timeshares at less popular, older, or off-the-beaten path locations shouldn’t assume they won’t find someone to sell to. Vacation styles and preferences vary greatly, which means that every day there is someone searching for a vast range of timeshare venues and features.


How does an owner start the resale process?


To sell a timeshare on the resale market, owners need to 1) use the services of a high visibility online timeshare advertising website designed specifically to target buyers, and 2) price their timeshare at market value, which is the price at which comparable timeshare weeks or points are currently advertised to sell.

Look for a company such as ours that does not charge upfront fees to sell timeshare, but if you do want to pay an advertising fee make sure the company can prove to you how they can find buyers. And don’t fall for timeshare exit gimmicks that claim to get you out of your timeshare for crazy fees as high as $5,000.  

To begin the process of selling your timeshare, enter your resort details and contact information into our automated system and we’ll build an advertisement for you in just a few minutes.

Get Started Here.


What makes different from other online timeshare resale websites?

A is a no upfront fee, self-service timeshare resale platform. It provides one of the most reliable, effective and risk-free ways to sell timeshare.

Our specialists have been successfully marketing online to sell timeshare since 2000, attracting a million potential timeshare buyers to our network each year.

But what really makes us different is combining our online marketing tactics with the support from our sister company, Timeshare Broker Associates.  As offers come in, they will be verified by TBA licensed agents to make sure they are legitimate.

This is a major advantage of our program since agents live in this space for hours every day and you won’t run the risk of missing out on an offer. Plus, this helps protect you from scammers just looking to get your personal information.


What documents does a timeshare seller need to have on hand to sell timeshare?


Sellers should have their original ownership documents from when the timeshare was first purchased when they begin the process to sell. These documents typically include the deed and the original purchase and sales agreement defining the current owner’s terms of ownership.

If they cannot locate these documents, a maintenance fee statement from the resort or management company will help sellers, since that usually confirms what is owned such as the unit layout or number of points owned. It also provides a point of contact at the resort for follow-up in case details need to be verified.

Be sure to know the week number (if applicable), amount of points if a points product, season of ownership, whether it is an annual or biennial ownership and the specifics regarding number of bedrooms and bathrooms.


What if the seller needs help during the closing process?


No problem, as works with our sister company, Timeshare Broker Associates, to provide sellers with resources to help them with the sales process.

Even though we are a self-service advertising website, licensed timeshare real estate agents from TBA verify all offers that come in to confirm they are legitimate and to protect you from potential phishing scams from unscrupulous operators. Once negotiations are concluded, TBA can refer you to a trusted closing company to ensure that the closing process runs as smoothly as possible.


Can sellers make changes to their timeshare ad after they have posted it?


Yes. The platform puts owners in control of their advertising, meaning they can set the price or request changes at any time. Once the ad is created, if you need to make changes just request them and our team will adjust your ad as soon as possible.

To begin advertising to sell your timeshare, get started here.


How much does it cost to sell timeshare?


There are no upfront fees to advertise to sell your timeshare on our platform. Because we are a self-service advertising website, you can enter your resort information and contact details directly into our system and begin advertising almost immediately. There may be costs involved after the sale is completed, but generally the purchaser pays for the closing costs.


Is it easy to sell your timeshare?


It is certainly easier when sellers can use an automated, self-service platform such as By uploading information and resort details into our system, owners can advertise in a matter of minutes to sell their timeshare.

Pricing is always the key to selling timeshare, and owners can use our free market analysis tool to get a head start on setting a competitive asking price.

What makes it easier as well is the involvement of our sister company, Timeshare Broker Associates. TBA licensed agents verify all inbound offers to ensure they are legitimate and not just a tactic used by rogue operators to obtain a seller’s personal information. This streamlined approach and ensuing negotiation and processing of the sale by agents makes the process as easy as possible for owners.


Why is selling a timeshare so hard?


It depends on several factors, especially when managing expectations since timeshares are not like residential real estate. Selling a timeshare can be hard because there is no MLS system to establish resale prices, like there is for traditional real estate.

One way to overcome this is to use our free market analysis calculator, which will give you the average asking price from sellers who own at your resort and are advertising on our platform.

Pricing is the number one reason why selling a timeshare can be harder than it needs to be, since owners often price their property compared to the new sale price instead of pricing it for the resale market.

Resorts inflate their prices 50-60 percent so they can recoup sales and marketing costs, so understand that you’re most likely not going to get anywhere near the original price you paid.

Other factors include:

  • Season of ownership – a July week in Cape Cod is generally easier to sell than a January week.
  • Location – the more popular the location, the easier it is to sell.
  • Size of unit – the two-bedroom layout is the most popular according to the American Resort Development Association, so it stands to reason it would sell easier than perhaps a studio if priced properly.

Keep in mind that with today’s points programs, especially those offered from exchange providers like RCI, even timeshares that seem least likely of selling can sell for their point values and lower maintenance fees.

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