Sell Marriott Timeshare & Points

Would you like to sell your Marriott timeshare? You’re in luck. We have over 20 years of experience helping timeshare owners sell Marriott timeshare and points. Working since 2000, our team has helped generate thousands of offers over the years on our platform of websites.

Reasons to Choose to Sell Marriott Timeshare Points

Aside from the incredibly high offers our customers receive for their Marriott timeshare on our platform of websites, we also offer peace of mind. When you advertise your timeshare for sale with us, you’ll be getting your timeshare in front of a million website viewers per year who are interested in timeshare related information. Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons to choose

  • No upfront fees to advertise to sell your Marriott timeshare points
  • Nearly $90 million in buyer and rental offers in the past 2 years
  • Trusted by leading industry associations including ARDA, CRTA and more
  • Automated system where you can build your own ad
  • No advertising salespeople to deal with and no ad fees to pay
  • Support from licensed agents with our sister company, Timeshare Broker Associates

As offers come in, they will be verified by TBA licensed agents to make sure they are legitimate. This is a major advantage of our program since agents live in this space for hours every day and you won’t run the risk of missing out on an offer. Plus, this helps protect you from scammers just looking to get your personal information.

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How Can I Sell My Marriott Timeshare?

The process is simple. Just follow the steps and our automated, self-service system will put your Marriott timeshare or MVC points up for sale in just a few minutes:

  1. First, confirm what you own. Identify exactly what you own at your home resort or, if a Club ownership, the number of Marriott Vacation Club points you want to sell. Be as accurate as you can for consumers searching for Marriott timeshares or Marriott points.

  2. Decide your point of contact. Are you the main point of contact to sell your timeshare or points, or is it someone else such as your spouse? Make sure you have up to date contact details so we can alert you to buyer offers.

  3. Enter your information into our system. Our data-protected platform allows sellers to remain anonymous during the negotiation period.

  4. Submit your Resort details. Enter the necessary information such as your home resort name, season of ownership, number of points (if applicable) and whether you own an annual or every other year membership.

  5. Choose an asking price. You decide which price you want to advertise, so if you need some help, try using our market analysis calculator to determine a potential starting point.

Why Marriott Is a Timeshare That Sells

Marriott is well known for its luxurious hotels and resorts around the world. That’s why our customers have received such high figure offers for their Marriott timeshares. When looking at all of the offers we’ve ever received historically on our platform of websites, Marriott is consistently at the top for the number of offers received. It is a strong brand with a good variety of luxurious resorts in top vacation destinations.

Below are some of the highest offers timeshare owners have received for Marriott’s most popular resorts on our platform of websites:

Marriott's 47 Park Street

Located in exciting Central London, the luxurious Marriott 47 Park Street timeshare is prime real estate for anyone looking to vacation overseas. With crystal light fixtures, a fireplace and triple glazed windows to keep the noise out, this is the perfect place to relax after a long day. We’ve historically received offers as high as $105,000 for this resort on our platform of websites.

Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club

Buyers love beachfront resorts, and Marriott's Maui Ocean Club does not disappoint. Located on one of the most desirable islands in Hawaii, this resort has something for everyone. Lay out on the beach or by the pool all day or hit the waves and do some surfing. When you’re done, go see the volcanic craters and explore the island’s natural beauty. We’ve historically received offers as high as $100,000 for this resort on our platform of websites.

Marriott’s Ocean Pointe

Another relaxing beachfront resort, Marriott’s Ocean Pointe is located in Palm Beach Shores, FL. It’s only 3.8 miles from John D. MacArthur state park and only a few more to the Rapids Water Park. Guests love the excellent tiki bar food and the abundance of activities from volleyball, mini golf, basketball and more. We’ve historically received offers as high as $84,000 for this resort on our platform of websites.

Marriott Timeshare Facts

Get the facts about your Marriott timeshare. Knowing exactly what you own and how the Marriott Vacation Club works will come in handy when negotiating with future owners:

  • Resale timeshares are at least 50% less expensive than timeshares purchased through the resort.
  • Resale timeshares are a bargain. They can save bundles of money compared to a whole ownership vacation home for several reasons listed on our timeshare vs vacation home article here.
  • Timeshares are almost always larger than a standard hotel room.
  • If you’re selling Marriott points, make sure to mention the added flexibility that comes with points including shorter stays, mid-week use, ability to choose from more than 60 Marriott timeshare resorts in top vacation destinations including Maui, Orlando, Hilton Head and more.
  • If you’re selling a Marriott deeded timeshare at a home resort, make sure to mention that the buyer may convert the deed to Marriott Destinations points.

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Marriott Timeshare FAQ

A: Yes. Just because you do not own a deed at a single resort does not mean you can’t sell your points. Use our free market analysis tool to get an idea of how much your points are worth.

A: No. Marriott Rewards Points cannot be bought or sold. Be careful not to confuse Marriott Rewards Points with Marriott Vacation Club points. Rewards Points operate like most hotel loyalty reward programs by offering room upgrades, free nights at hotels and more.

A: No. Banked points will not transfer to the new owner when you sell your Marriott timeshare so do not include their value in your ad.

A: Yes, your points will expire at the end of each use year. If you know you cannot use your points before they expire, you can advertise your current year’s points for rent to prevent them from going to waste.

A: The lower you price your timeshare, the more likely it is to sell. We recommend looking at what other owners have priced their timeshares at for your resort. Use our free market analysis tool for help.

A: You may cancel your advertisement at any time. Because there are no upfront fees to advertise, you can have your ad run for as long as you need to.