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Perhaps no vacation brand is as recognized as Disney, and that's why owning a Disney Vacation Club timeshare is such a great way to tap into the magic. When an owner decides to sell Disney timeshare points, it's an opportunity for new Disney fans to discover a world of fantastic vacations.

If you are that owner looking to sell Disney Vacation Club timeshare points with no upfront fees, then can help with an innovative advertising service that allows you to build an advertisement directly onto our platform.

The process is simple. Just follow the steps and our automated, self-service system will put your Disney timeshare points up for sale in just a few minutes:

  1. First, confirm what you own. Identify your home resort and the number of DVC points you want to sell to be as accurate as you can for consumers searching for Disney Vacation Club timeshare points.

  2. Decide your point of contact. Are you the main point of contact to sell your Disney points, or is it someone else such as your spouse? Make sure you have up to date contact details so we can alert you to buyer offers.

  3. Enter your information into our system. Our data-protected platform allows sellers to remain anonymous during the negotiation period.

  4. Submit your Disney details. Enter the necessary information such as your home resort name, number of points and whether you own an annual or every other year membership.

  5. Choose an asking price. You decide which price you want to advertise, so if you need some help, try using our market analysis calculator to determine a potential starting point.

As offers come in, they will be verified by licensed agents of our sister company, Timeshare Broker Associates, to make sure they are legitimate. This is a major advantage of our program, since agents live in this space for hours every day and you won’t run the risk of missing out on an offer. Plus, this helps protect you from scammers just looking to get your personal information.

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Enjoy the Magic - Disney Vacation Club Timeshare Points 

When you purchase a Disney Vacation Club timeshare resale you gain preferred access to 16 uniquely themed resorts that put you right in the midst of the action. You’ll have the best access to Disney World in Orlando, plus Disneyland Anaheim is right at your doorstep. However, if you don't feel like going to amusement parks every year, that's fine too. A timeshare with Disney can also give you a vacation in Vero Beach, Florida as well as Hilton Head, South Carolina and a wonderful escape to Hawaii at Aulani.    

You'll always receive the same level of Disney signature customer service wherever you stay at a Disney Vacation Club timeshare resort. Membership is remarkably flexible as you get to choose when and where you want to vacation. How often you get away is also completely up to you, depending on how many points you own. 

Owners understand the benefits of membership, but eventually the time comes to sell. When it’s time to sell your Disney timeshare, we’re here to help.

Disney Vacation Club Timeshare FAQs

A: Yes, in the sense that you purchase vacation time in a resort and own a stake in that resort. Disney Vacation Club sells points that are deeded to a home DVC resort and those points renew each year, giving the owner the option of a vacation in that resort every year. Where the DVC program differs from traditional timeshare is that Disney owners are not locked into the same vacation week every year and can also use their points to stay at other Disney timeshare resorts in the network.

A: Some of the benefits of a Disney timeshare include guaranteed vacation time in your favorite Disney resort, early priority booking window at your home resort to get a jump on others looking to stay there and accommodation stays that are almost always less expensive than non-owners looking to rent at the resort. DVC accommodations can be much more spacious than standard Disney hotel rooms, with owners able to access multi-bedroom accommodations using their points.

A: When you pay off your Disney Vacation Club ownership, you only have annual dues that need to be paid for the upkeep and maintenance of your Disney timeshare resort. Those dues also help with the management of the booking system. This is the time where you’re really gaining value, since your points may have gained in resale value since Disney is always hiking their retail prices. Plus, the cost for non-owners renting a room at a DVC resort is much higher than the cost of annual fees.

A: Yes, owners can sell Disney timeshare points online using our self-service, automated platform to advertise your DVC points for sale. There is no cost to advertise and sellers can upload their information directly into our data-protected platform, where our system creates the ad for you. Sellers set their price and decide whether to accept offers. It’s that simple.

A: Generally it is not hard to sell Disney timeshare points, as some have been known to sell and close within 30-45 days of posting their Disney points for sale online. The issue is, as is usually the case, the asking price since the better the price, the better the chance of a quick sale. Sellers can use our market analysis calculator to see what the average asking price is from the sellers advertising their points on our platform.

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