Timeshare Renter Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

At SellaTimeshare.com, we understand that renting timeshare naturally brings up questions. With the most commonly asked questions in mind, we’ve created this webpage to help both timeshare owners and vacationers learn more about how easy it is to rent timeshare—and why it’s such a good idea!

Get all of the answers you need for your questions about how to sell a timeshare.


Why is buying a timeshare a smart way to vacation?


Hotels are often designed with business travelers in mind, but timeshare resorts are always purpose built for vacationing with an emphasis on amenities and spacious accommodations.

Timeshare units typically offer the privacy of multiple bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, eat-in kitchens, a washer and dryer, two or more televisions, and a list of other features that easily turn them into a family’s favorite vacation home. Compare the cost and convenience of buying a roomy, condo-style resale timeshare villa versus the cost of renting one or more hotel rooms year after year, and buyers quickly realized there really is no comparison at all.


Why do owners offer their timeshares as rentals?


For any number of reasons, owners offering a timeshare rental will not be using their interval or points themselves. By advertising the timeshare for rent, owners may be able to cover or offset their annual maintenance fees or their mortgage in cases where they are making payments on their timeshare.

Frequently, timeshares offered as rentals are also available to purchase. Owners recognize that renting timeshare can serve as an entrée to selling timeshare. The concept of “try-before-you-buy,” appeals to many consumers who like the idea of vacationing in a timeshare and testing the vacation ownership experience before making a buying decision.


Are timeshare rental rates negotiable?


As a self-service platform, owners control their ads and determine prices and negotiability. There is no middleman involved in the transaction and there are no add-on or hidden fees. The negotiation of a by-owner timeshare rental through the SellaTimeshare.com subscription service is entirely up to the owner who sets the rental pricing of the timeshare.


What is the first step in renting a timeshare?


Prospective renters usually select a destination and then identify the features and amenities that matter to them most. Proximity to local attractions, size of the timeshare unit, and onsite amenities are important details in choosing a resort rental.

The second step is to peruse the SellaTimeshare.com inventory of timeshare for rent. In searching for an ideal vacation, people may look for rentals by the resort name or a resort brand, or they may simply search all rentals available at their chosen location.


How do prospective renters and owners communicate with each other?


SellaTimeshare.com is an advertising service through which buyers, sellers, and renters connect. When vacationers place an offer to rent or buy timeshare advertised on this website, the timeshare owner receives notice of the offer via email. The owner then has the option to accept the offer to rent, decline it, or counter the offer.

The prospective renter is notified, also by email, of the owner’s response and likewise has the option to continue to negotiate if the owner did not accept the offer. All negotiations take place through the SellaTimeshare.com online platform, which has been designed specifically for this type of safe, secure, and private interaction.

Captcha software protects a prospective renter and the timeshare owner, allowing both parties to remain anonymous until an agreement between them has been reached. To make offers, renters will need to provide their contact details or open a free secured online account at no cost.

Another benefit of the secured online account is that it enables interested vacationers to set up alerts, (sent directly to their email inbox) notifying them when timeshare rentals that match their interests become available.


What are the final steps to rent a timeshare?


Once a renter and an owner have agreed upon the price and terms for renting timeshare, the owner typically provides the renter with a written agreement. This agreement gives owners the information they need for notifying the resort of the upcoming usage of the timeshare unit or points, while confirming for the renter the dates, check-in and check-out information, unit number, number of bedrooms and baths, and other specifics about the resort and the unit.

Most written agreements also address damage liability, cancellation policies, and the detailed terms and conditions of the rental arrangement. Other items covered in the agreement include the terms of payment, deposit amount, deposit due date, and balance due date. Timeshare renters should anticipate that many owners will neither notify the resort of the rental nor confirm rental reservations until the deposit is paid.

The rental vacation must be reserved in the name of the renter, not the timeshare owner’s name. After the reservation is secured, the renter receives a confirmation notice, confirmation number, and any additional details needed to help make the vacation both easy and delightful.

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