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Make a Responsible Exit From Your Timeshare With Our Guidance

To be one of the world’s most reputable timeshare resale companies, it takes integrity, commitment to customer service, a no upfront fee process, and total transparency. We have all of those qualities and more because we know how important it is for you to achieve a timeshare cancellation in a responsible, pain-free way.

Simple Advertising Process

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We provide an innovative advertising platform where you’re able to showcase your timeshare for sale, gaining exposure to millions of potential buyers. Sign-up is easy, and you can promote your timeshare directly onto our platform using our system.

Best Value in Timeshare Resales

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We don’t have any hidden fees attached to your timeshare ad, so you truly know what you’re getting out of the process from start to finish. Also, because your timeshare ad is created based on the details you provide, you get more value for your timeshare.

No Sales Pitch, No Pressure, No Aggressive Promotions

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We make the timeshare resale process easy and pain-free by providing a pressure-free process where offers from buyers are handled for you by our sister company, Timeshare Broker Associates. We don’t charge any upfront fees and there are no surprises in the resale process. We simply help you get the sale done.

Trusted by Leading Timeshare Industry Associations

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We’re proud to be the only timeshare resale company that is a member of all three of the world’s foremost resort industry and tourism associations, ARDA, AMDETUR, and CRTA. These longtime affiliations don’t happen by accident, and we are committed to our alignment with the ethics, integrity, and passions driving these organizations.

Expertise Backed by Decades of Experience

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We’ve been in the timeshare resale business since 2000, and while the industry hasn’t changed much over that time, we’ve worked hard to make a difference in the timeshare resale experience for timeshare sellers and buyers. We know if you work with us, you’ll notice the difference, too.

We’re different from other timeshare resale companies

As a free timeshare resale platform, Sell a Timeshare offers a reliable, effective, and risk-free way to sell your timeshare. Our no upfront fee model results in more cash for sellers.

Use our proven advertising platform

Expose your timeshare to more than a million potential buyers each year through our expert marketing tactics

Enjoy a totally transparent process with no hidden fees

Sell a Timeshare Advantages

What the timeshare resale process looks like

To sell your timeshare as a resale, there are a few steps that we are committed to making as easy for you as possible.

Selling Your Timeshare Step 1

Find a high-visibility online timeshare advertising site specifically designed to attract buyers, like Sell a Timeshare.

Selling Your Timeshare Step 2

Price your timeshare at market value, which is the price at which comparable units or intervals are currently selling.

Selling Your Timeshare Step 3

Sit back and allow the advertising platform to attract timeshare buyers.

Selling Your Timeshare Step 4

Work with a timeshare brokerage company to help you manage the offer and execute the sale.

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What is the Opportunity to Sell in the Timeshare Resale Market?

If you’ve heard that timeshares do not sell on the resale market, that assertion couldn’t be further from the truth. Each month, thousands of potential buyers look online for vacation values and are proactively looking on the secondary (resale) market for timeshares to buy. Demand is greater for some timeshares based on location, but even if you own a timeshare at a more off-the-beaten-path location, don’t assume you won’t find a buyer.

  1. Sell a Timeshare provides the high-visibility advertising capabilities you need to get in front of potential buyers

  2. Connect with buyers looking for a wide variety of timeshare locations and features

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to change the perception of timeshare resale companies, and it starts with our commitment to providing an easy, risk-free, effective, and transparent way of doing business.


Meet the leaders of Sell a Timeshare who provide their expertise and commitment to great customer service to help owners make a responsible timeshare exit.