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There are a lot of different reasons for selling timeshares on the resale market, but we know the bottom line is that you want to have a successful – and fair – sale, and a good experience. Your biggest questions are likely how to start the process and who to work with; we’ve got an answer for both.

Why and When to Put Your Timeshare on the Resale Market

Let’s face it – timeshare owners want to sell because they don’t need their timeshare anymore and hope to make some money in the process. Like any other product, timeshares have a lifecycle and it could be time to end your ownership. Selling timeshares on the resale market is the best way to move on from timeshare ownership obligations. Here are some common reasons our customers choose to sell on the timeshare resale market:

You’re Not Using the Timeshare Anymore

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If you find yourself using your timeshare less and less, regardless of the reason why, you may feel as though your timeshare has become more of a burden than the rewarding vacation experience it once was. Timeshares are great if you use them, and if you’re not using yours, it’s probably time to put it on the timeshare resale market using our proven advertising model and pass the timeshare experience on to someone else.

You Can No Longer Afford the Maintenance Fees

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Maintenance fees can creep up over time, and whether you’re using your timeshare regularly or not, these fees often tarnish the overall experience. If you feel like you can no longer pay your maintenance fees, it’s definitely time to put your timeshare on the resale market. Don’t just stop paying them – make a responsible exit with our trusted process.

You Feel Like You Got a Bad Deal

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We speak with plenty of timeshare owners who went through the purchase process only to regret the decision because they feel like they paid too much or are unhappy with the agreement. If you’re in this situation, rest assured that our resale process will leave you feeling much more confident than the purchase process did.

You’re Tired of the Location

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Maybe the Florida Keys seemed magical to you and your partner 15 years ago when you purchased your timeshare there, but now you want the flexibility to visit other places. Sell your timeshare on the resale market through Sell a Timeshare, and vacation in a different location that you’ll love for another 15 years – or more!

Why Sell on the Timeshare Resale Market?

Selling timeshares on the resale market means there’s no sales pitch, no pressure, and no aggressive promotions. The resale market takes the guesswork out of selling timeshares and puts the power in the hands of buyers and sellers.

Buyers can browse great properties like yours at great prices, enjoying total visibility and transparency throughout the process. As the seller, you can be confident that you’ll connect with a buyer on the resale market and experience a successful transaction.

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Selling Timeshares: Dos and Don’ts

When it comes to selling a timeshare, there are a few options you have that are important to consider.

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Don’t just stop paying your timeshare maintenance fees.

Failure to pay can result in the resorts or finance companies involving collection agencies, which can negatively impact your credit score and incur additional fees.

Do pursue a timeshare sale when the time feels right.

Hanging on to a timeshare you’re not using will cost you money every year, so get into the timeshare resale market and let us help you sell it.

Don’t pay exit companies.

Timeshare exit companies may make compelling promises about getting you out of your timeshare obligations, but they typically charge more than $5,000 and cannot guarantee a responsible exit – or an exit at all. Why pay them when you can sell your timeshare on the resale market?

Do trust our process.

Maybe you’ve had bad experiences with selling timeshares in the past. Sell a Timeshare is committed to providing a positive and effective process that results in a sale and peace of mind.

What Happens if I Stop Paying My Timeshare Maintenance Fees?

We know maintenance fees can become overwhelming, but failing to pay them is essentially the same as defaulting on a mortgage loan. You will most likely be faced with some or all of the following outcomes:

  • The HOA or developer can begin collection proceedings, which can result in the courts becoming involved.

  • Your timeshare will be foreclosed upon by the HOA or developer, which will negatively impact your credit score, making it difficult to take out other lines of credit.

  • The timeshare resort or management company will likely send the maintenance fees to collections, and could pursue additional payment from you to cover the legal and administrative fees they are incurring from the foreclosure.

Our Advice on Selling a Timeshare

Our advice?

Put your timeshare on the resale market and make a responsible exit that won’t result in legal dust-ups that can cost you far more in the end.

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How Can I Sell a Timeshare Deed?

Timeshares are traditionally sold as fixed vacation weeks, but when you purchased one week of timeshare you either entered into ownership of deeded vacation time at the resort property or a right-to-use the resort property. With a right-to-use arrangement, the resort owns the deed, and you essentially “lease” the time at the resort for a set number of years. Sometimes, right-to-use arrangements are referred to as points-based ownership because you’ve bought points that could be used for other vacation services. With deeded arrangements, you own a physical deed to vacation at the resort.

  • Deeded arrangements can be converted to points in some cases

  • Our sister company, Timeshare Broker Associates, will help you navigate the differences between right-to-use and deeded timeshare ownership to make your sale as easy as possible

How Do I Sell My Timeshare Points?

The use of timeshare points has changed how timeshares are used, allowing for a more flexible vacation ownership experience using points as a type of “vacation currency”. Timeshare points can work differently depending on the resort or company that has issued them – in some cases, you can convert your week into points to use on other vacation accommodations, and in others, you can use your points toward vacations at any time at affiliated resorts. In most cases, timeshare points can be sold on the resale market.

  • Promote your points for sale using our no upfront fee platform

  • The flexibility of timeshare points is a significant benefit of the product

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How We Sell

Our proven no upfront fee process is the best way to sell your timeshare on the resale market, and we can say that because it’s worked for thousands of sellers.

Our Partners

We’re proud to be one of the only timeshare resale companies that is a member of three of the world’s foremost resort industry and tourism associations.

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