Ever Ask “What’s My Timeshare Worth”?

If you’ve ever asked yourself “what’s my timeshare worth” then you’re not alone. Every timeshare owner has wondered from time to time what their timeshare is worth. The challenge is arriving at an answer that satisfies the owner as well as making the timeshare attractive to the buyer.

Start With a Market Analysis

Owners can begin assessing the worth of their timeshare through our Market Analysis tool, which lets them see what other owners are asking for their timeshares. By entering in your resort information, our system calculates the average asking price based on the asking prices currently advertised by other owners on our site.

This tool will give you a great starting point toward establishing a competitive asking price for your timeshare. But be aware that this figure may be less than what you expected, especially if you are comparing it to the price you originally paid for your timeshare.

Realistic Resale Pricing Is Key

Because resorts inflate their original asking prices by 50-60 percent to cover sales and marketing costs, using the original asking price is not a good idea. It would be like pricing a used car using the new car price.

Think about what you are comfortable with when looking at your timeshare’s worth. If your timeshare is paid off and you are up to date on maintenance fees, then you have more flexibility when determining your price. The better the price, the better chance you have at a sale. Remember that the value you derived from your timeshare is in the use of the product – the vacations you had and the relationships you built.

Sell with SellaTimeshare.com

Timeshare worth is ultimately decided by the buyer when a sale is closed, so promote your timeshare in front of those buyers by using our automated advertising program. Get started today.

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What is your timeshare worth? Find out using our market analysis tool, which provides an estimated value based on key features of your timeshare, including the location and associated points.

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