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If you’re an owner and deciding whether to sell your Hyatt timeshare, you are in the right place. We’ve been connecting sellers with buyers since 2000 and our no upfront fee program lets you successfully sell your timeshare through our online platform.

Once you choose to work with us, your Hyatt timeshare will be placed into our network of timeshare resale websites and promoted using our online marketing tactics that have effectively attracted buyers to sellers over the past 20+ years.

As offers are placed on your timeshare through our platform, a licensed agent from our sister company, Timeshare Broker Associates, will verify that the offer is from a legitimate buyer. The agent will contact you to see if you would like to accept, decline or counter that offer and, if you choose, commence with the negotiation to sell your Hyatt timeshare.

This is a major advantage of our program since agents live in this space for hours every day and you won’t run the risk of missing out on an offer. Plus, this helps protect you from scammers just looking to get your personal information.

The agent will work to close the sale, then prepare the purchase and sale paperwork, gather signatures, collect deposits from the purchaser and facilitate the deal with a trusted timeshare closing company.

For more information about selling your Hyatt timeshare, please fill out the form on this page and find out how to use our service with no long-term commitment.

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Hyatt Timeshares – Upscale and Impressive

When it comes to offering distinctive, upscale accommodations in some of the most beautiful destinations in the world, few other resorts can compare with Hyatt timeshare properties. They have an unmatched reputation for excellence in the amenities they provide and in the people who staff each property.

If you've ever wanted to vacation in the wealthy enclave of Carmel, California or in a western-themed ranch in San Antonio, Texas, then a Hyatt timeshare may be for you. From a lovely desert getaway in Sedona to the sun and fun of Key West or the high-flying skiing action of Breckenridge, this is one timeshare company that offers something for everyone.

Ownership of timeshares with Hyatt gives you access to more than a dozen beautiful, amenity-filled Hyatt properties. You'll also enjoy access to more than 2,500 resorts located around the world through affiliated exchange provider Interval International. You can explore Europe, discover mysterious Central America or stay somewhere a little closer to home. It's all up to you.

Hyatt properties are well recognized for their attention to detail. Guests will enjoy superb surroundings indoors and out. Luxurious spas, sparkling pools and state-of-the-art fitness centers are just the beginning of the amenities.

When an owner decides to sell a Hyatt timeshare ownership, that's the cue for a new owner to join a highly exclusive club. A Hyatt Residence Club membership is available today to start a fabulous vacation tomorrow.

Hyatt Timeshare FAQs

A: Yes, Hyatt has two timeshare programs, Hyatt Residence Club and Hyatt Vacation Club. Both clubs involve a combination of deeded and points-based ownership products, with the Residence Club being the traditional Hyatt timeshare program. The Vacation Club reemerged following the acquisition of the former Welk Resorts properties that have been folded into the vacation club program.

A: Online is the best place to sell your Hyatt timeshare, and using a company that does not charge upfront fees is crucial to protect you from possible timeshare resale scams. With, you get the advantage of an online marketing program specializing in finding timeshare buyers along with the support of licensed agents from our sister company, Timeshare Broker Associates. Not many companies in the resale space bring together the expertise of both online and brokerage experience, so take advantage of our platform with no upfront costs to you.

A: In reality, this is the only way to sell a Hyatt timeshare. If there is a mortgage or lien on a timeshare, it is very difficult to sell because you would need to set a resale price above market value in order to cover the additional cost of the loan. Once a Hyatt timeshare is paid off, then you can look for a company that does not charge upfront fees and engage the services of such a company like

A: Hyatt does not have a buy back program so there is not a way to sell your timeshare back to the resort or directly back to Hyatt. They do have a right of first refusal policy, but you would first need to have a buyer lined up with a signed contract for the ROFR to come into play. In this case, the contract would be submitted to Hyatt for review and Hyatt would have the right to step in and buy it back, so the seller would indirectly be selling to Hyatt. However, because you need to have a buyer in place first, the best option is to work with a resale company such as to find the buyer.

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