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Can I Sell My Bluegreen Timeshare Points?

If you have decided it’s time to sell Bluegreen timeshare, we can help. Advertise - with no upfront fees required - through our innovative online platform.

It’s a simple process to sell Bluegreen timeshare points through our system, since our platform is an automated, self-service program that can create your advertisement in just a few minutes. Because it is automated, you will need to have your information ready so you can input your details into our system. Information such as:

  1. Resort or Club Details – our system will ask for your resort name or club details and any other relevant information such as season of ownership, yearly usage and how many points are associated with your ownership.

  2. Contact Details – make sure you enter your accurate contact details so we can alert you when a client looking for Bluegreen timeshare points makes an offer on your ad.

  3. Asking Price – probably the most important detail is how much you are asking to sell your Bluegreen timeshare points. If you need help determining a price, use our free market analysis calculator which will give you an average asking price from the sellers advertising timeshares for your resort in our system.

When your ad is complete, you will receive confirmation and your ownership will be available on the web to the nearly one million consumers who visit our network each year.

One of the major advantages of using our website is the support you'll receive from licensed resale agents with our sister company, Timeshare Broker Associates. When offers are placed onto your ad, an agent will verify that the offer is legitimate and not just a ploy from a rogue scammer trying to get your personal information.

Once an offer is verified, it will be sent to you to either accept, decline or counter, until it results in a sale. The agent will then take care of the paperwork, collect the signatures, receive the deposit from the buyer into escrow and refer the sale to the closing company of your choice to complete the transaction. All with no upfront fees.

Find out about our inexpensive promotional service where you can advertise your Bluegreen timeshare points to millions and get the best price possible. Sign up today!

Travel the Country with Bluegreen

view from Bluegreen Wilderness Club timeshare resort

Bluegreen timeshare ownership puts you in control of your family's vacations. You can enjoy a relaxing getaway at Big Bear Lake in California and then take in the big city sights in Chicago. Why not experience the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas when it's just the two of you, and then delight the whole family with a getaway to Hawaii?

You'll enjoy access to beautiful beaches, breathtaking mountains and amazing city sights. Tour the best museums and enjoy one-of-a-kind outdoor experiences like deep sea fishing and golfing at some of the finest courses in the nation. With Bluegreen Vacation Club timeshare ownership, it's all at your fingertips.

Ownership is easy. When an existing owner chooses to sell their Bluegreen timeshare on the resale market, you get the opportunity to join the club at a surprisingly affordable price. The purchase price gets you an allotment of annual points, which you can use however you wish. You've never had so much freedom when it comes to travel.

If you've ever dreamed of being able to vacation wherever and whenever you want, then a Bluegreen timeshare may be just what you're looking for. Bluegreen offers its owners amazing adventures across the U.S. and in the Caribbean, so enjoy the excitement of Orlando’s theme parks one year and the gorgeous waters of the Bahamas the next.

Bluegreen Timeshares For Sale By Owner

Bluegreen Timeshares For Rent By Owner

Choosing Bluegreen to vacation is easy. The hard part is deciding which of the 60 resorts you'll visit first!

Popular Bluegreen Timeshares

Las Vegas, Nevada

Wisconsin Dells, WI

Ridgedale,  Missouri

New Bern,  North Carolina

Orlando, Florida

Bluegreen the Fountains timeshare resort in Orlando

Gordonsville, Virginia

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Williamsburg, Virginia

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Bluegreen Timeshare FAQs

A: Bluegreen has an exit program but there are conditions, and they all appear to require payment of some form. Just to be considered for their program an ownership must be free of any mortgages or liens, so the owner needs to pay off any loans first. The owner’s account with Bluegreen must also be in good standing, so all annual dues or maintenance fees must also be paid. Bluegreen is also asking for a year’s worth of maintenance fees in advance to be eligible and even a transfer of ownership requires a transfer fee to be paid by the new owner. It’s best to put your Bluegreen timeshare up for sale here with no upfront fees and at least recoup some of your money if you want to get out, rather than it costing you money..

A: Whether it is easy or hard to sell Bluegreen timeshare points comes down to price and usage. Bluegreen timeshares are sold in annual or biennial (every other year) contracts, so an annual contract would be easier to sell at the right price. Because Bluegreen points are a deeded real estate product, sellers should promote their specific resort or the amount of points needed for a week’s vacation to give buyers an idea of what type of vacation they can get. Sellers can also pick up the closing costs to make it easier to sell.

A: Bluegreen sells points for about $3-4 per point at the resorts, but are known to come down to the $2 per point range when countered by buyers willing to negotiate. The problem is that Bluegreen, like all other timeshare companies, mark up their prices 50-60 percent to cover sales and marketing costs. Most Bluegreen points are priced closer to $1 per point on the resale market but keep in mind that contracts can be annual or every other year usage, and annual points contracts are worth more.

A: If you stop paying your Bluegreen timeshare annual dues, it could jeopardize a possible sale as well as lead to Bluegreen sending your account to a collection agency. Accounts must be kept up to date for Bluegreen to approve any resale of Bluegreen points, so it is important to keep your account in good standing. For non-payments, the company will attempt to contact you with possible payment plans and to do what they can to reengage members, but if this doesn’t work then your account could end up in collection. There is a possibility of being reported to credit bureaus which could be a significant hit on your credit report and result in difficulties obtaining a loan in future.

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