Company Info 

The team at has been connecting timeshare sellers with buyers and renters since 2000. Using a sophisticated blend of online marketing tactics to promote our website, we target the online community of timeshare buyers and renters seeking timeshare.

Such strategic Internet outreach attracts one million visitors each year to our platform searching for information about timeshares and looking for great deals. 

The Process

Based in Tampa, Florida and powered by Advanced Internet Management, we are considered a for-sale-by-owner advertising company. Owners advertise their timeshare with us by providing the details of their timeshare or points ownership directly into our system. Our automated platform then builds the ad for you, promoting your timeshare to the potential buyers searching the internet.

Our marketing tactics then take over, designed to attract buyers to place offers onto our ads. Buyer offers that are placed through our system are then verified by licensed agents with our sister company, Timeshare Broker Associates (TBA), to make sure they are legitimate offers and to protect sellers from possible personal data phishing scams.

Once an offer is verified and confirmed, sellers have the option of accepting, declining or countering the offer until they agree on a deal, with no upfront fees to the seller.

Our innovative system has introduced a first-of-its-kind advertising model to the timeshare industry, whereby an owner can advertise their timeshare for sale or rent on on our website for free as well as having the support of licensed timeshare resale agents. Owners sign up with us and build their ad directly onto our platform using our self-service system. 

Our system is simple, reliable, and risk-free. And once a buyer is found, agents from TBA can take care of the negotiation, document and process the sale for you and walk you through the entire closing process until the sale is complete. All with no upfront fees.

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