Sell Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Points

Ready to sell your Disney Vacation Club (DVC) points? Perhaps your kids have grown up or something has changed in your life that prevents you from vacationing as often. It’s ok, you’re not alone. Our team has been helping DVC points owners to connect with buyers since 2000.

It works like this. First, you’ll start by advertising to sell your Disney timeshare points on our platform and promote your points throughout our exclusive network of timeshare resale websites.

When you decide to sign up, you’ll need to enter in all of the relevant details about your ownership, such as your home DVC resort where you purchased your points and the number of points you own. You'll also need to enter in your contact details so we know where to alert you when the offers come in. When the process is finished, your ad will be published instantly on our platform of websites.

By advertising with you don’t need to worry about promoting your ad. That’s our job. Our marketing techniques bring one million visitors per year to our platform of websites! All you need to do is promptly respond to any inquiries sent to you.

A major advantage you have with Sell a Timeshare, that most advertising sites do not offer, is the support of a timeshare resale brokerage company. Our sister company, Timeshare Broker Associates, has licensed agents that verify all offers that come into our system, vetting them as legitimate offers so you don't waste your time chasing dishonest offers and also to protect you from potential phishing scams.

Why Choose to Sell Disney Vacation Club Points?

Aside from our website traffic, here are a few more reasons to choose to sell your DVC points:

  • There are no upfront fees to sell your timeshare points.
  • With no advertising fees, you get more money for the sale. 
  • We’ve received nearly $90 million in buyer offers in the past 2 years.
  • There are no hidden fees.

Highest DVC Offers Received

Offers made on DVC timeshares are generally on the higher end when compared to other timeshares. DVC is a great product with a lot to offer and hold their resale value very well.

Below are some of the highest offers owners on our platform of websites have ever received. Although DVC is a points-based system, all timeshares are deeded to one particular resort so we’ve included the resort alongside the offer for reference.

Head over to our free market analysis tool to get an idea of your timeshare’s worth in today’s market.

How Many DVC points are Needed?

This is one of the most common questions buyers will ask owners looking to sell their Disney points. Some things to consider when they decide how many points they should purchase include:

  • How often do they plan to visit?
  • At what time of the year do they plan on visiting?
  • Do they mind vacationing in the middle of the week rather than on the weekend?
  • What is the layout of the unit they need?
  • Is there a particular DVC resort they want to stay at?

Busy seasons such as Spring Break or the week between Christmas and New Year’s will require more points. Newer resorts, weekend visits and additional bedrooms and bathrooms will require more points as well. Slower seasons in mid-fall, early December and some weeks in February will not need as many points. Older resorts like Disney’s Old Key West resort require fewer points as well.

Sellers know that, for example, a family of four who’d like to have a one bedroom, one-bathroom unit for a week in a popular season will likely want to purchase at least 200 points. This could book them a week at Disney’s Boardwalk Villas or Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas at any week throughout the summer.

Disney Timeshare Facts

Many buyers want the transaction to go smoothly and quickly so the timeshare may be used towards an upcoming Disney vacation. For this reason, it is crucial that sellers know all of the facts about DVC so the sale can go off without a hitch:

  • Resale DVC points can be much cheaper than the points sold by Disney. This discount will depend on the resort where the points are deeded. Newer locations such as Disney’s Bay Lake Tower are only about 30% cheaper than the points sold by Disney, but other locations such as Disney’s Vero Beach Resort are up to 70% cheaper.
  • Resale DVC timeshare owners may exchange their timeshare to book a resort in the World Collection operated by Interval International .
  • Resale DVC timeshare owners may stay at 15 DVC resort properties.
  • DVC members can begin booking 11 months before their preferred vacation dates at their home resorts. This helps ensure that owners at their home resorts are able to book their preferred vacation dates before other members and guests have the option to fill the rooms. A home resort is the resort that the DVC points were originally deeded to.
  • DVC members can begin booking vacations 7 months before their preferred vacation dates at any of the other DVC resorts.

Top Disney Resorts

A few of Disney’s top resorts can showcase your DVC timeshare’s value. The most popular DVC resorts include:

BoardWalk Villas

Located within walking distance of Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, this resort is a favorite amongst DVC members. There are 383 total suites ranging from studios to large 2,142 square foot grand villas. All suites have full kitchens and free in-room Wi-Fi and most of the larger suites have washer-dryers. Guests love the 1940s Atlantic City atmosphere engrained with this resort.

Villas at Wilderness Lodge

This rustic resort offers a woodland experience so unique that it’s hard to imagine you’re in Central Florida. Parents love the supervised children’s activity center where kids can play so parents can take a break and spend some quality time together. Whether at Copper Creek or Boulder Ridge, owners love the expansive pools with waterslide and the short boat ride to Magic Kingdom.

Beach Club Villa

This resort offers a fun beachside play area with lazy river, zip line and pool. And of course, its very own private beach. Similar to the BoardWalk Villas, this Disney resort is also located next to Epcot and offers free transportation to and from the parks. When kids aren’t playing a round of mini-golf they can head over to the supervised children’s activity center to meet other kids their age and make some friends. 

Animal Kingdom Lodge and Villas

This African safari themed resort offers guests the chance to see more than 30 species of African wildlife during their stay. Programs led by Animal Specialists teach families about the animals and ecosystems that they live. This resort is perfect for animal lovers. Aside from the animals, all other typical Disney amenities are offered including free shuttles to the parks.

Contemporary Resort Bay Lake Tower

This resort is within walking distance to Magic Kingdom, so some guests are able to enjoy the Magic Kingdom fireworks from the comfort of their own room each night. With access to the iconic monorail stop at the Contemporary, this is perfect for guests hoping to spend much of their time at the Magic Kingdom.

The best part about DVC resorts is that each one is magical in its own way. No experience will ever be the same. And with DVC points it’s easy for you to stay somewhere new each time you visit Disney World.

Ready to get started? Sign up to sell Disney Vacation Club points today!

Disney Timeshare FAQ for Sellers

Can I Sell my Banked or Borrowed Vacation Club Points?

No. Banked or borrowed DVC points will not transfer to a new owner when you sell a DVC timeshare, so please do not include these in your ad. You can, however, rent out your points by advertising on, making a reservation at a Disney resort and having someone pay you to use it.

How Much are my Disney Vacation Club Points Worth?

DVC points hold their value relatively well, but you shouldn’t expect to sell them for more than you paid if you purchased through Disney. Buying a timeshare directly from the developer is like buying a new car. The moment you buy one its value is reduced by about 50% due to sales and marketing costs that are built into the resort sales price.

The best way to see how much your DVC points are worth is by using our free market analysis tool. This tool provides you with the average price of all DVC timeshares being advertised on our network of websites at the resort you own. This is a very good representation of your timeshare’s worth.

Can I Cancel My Ad with After My Timeshare Has Sold?

Absolutely. Unlike other timeshare advertising companies that require payment for a full year, allows you to cancel at any time because there are no upfront fees.