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Ready to Sell Your WorldMark Timeshare?

We know you undoubtedly loved the opportunities that purchasing WorldMark timeshare points provided you, but if your lifestyle has changed and you’re no longer able to vacation as often, it’s a good time to sell WorldMark timeshare points or credits with

Over one million visitors per year come to our network of websites looking for timeshare information and deals, so tap into that marketplace. With our innovative, no upfront fee advertising service, you can advertise for the time you need to sell and cancel at any time.

To get started selling your WorldMark timeshare credits using our self-service platform, simply follow these steps:

  • Gather your ownership information so you know exactly what you own, such as the total amount of points, season (if applicable) and whether your usage is annual or every other year.

  • Decide where you want to sell - either under the WorldMark by Wyndham profile or under a specific WorldMark resort name. Because you own points, you’ll have the option of choosing where you want to sell your WorldMark points.

  • Have your contact details ready - since you will be asked to enter your information into our data-protected system. We need to know the best way to send you offers, so please have your information as updated and accurate as possible.

  • Decide on an asking price. If you need help, use our market analysis calculator to get an average asking price from the timeshares for sale in our system. It’s a great starting point.  

Once you are ready to sell, just enter your details into our website and our automated system will create your ad for you and activate it across our network of timeshare resale websites. Prospective new owners will then have the option of placing an offer onto your ad.

As offers come in, they will be verified by licensed agents of our sister company, Timeshare Broker Associates, to make sure they are legitimate. This is a major advantage of our program since agents live in this space for hours every day and you won’t run the risk of missing out on an offer. Plus, this helps protect you from scammers just looking to get your personal information.

Verified offers will be sent to you and you can either accept it, decline the offer or counter it to begin the negotiation process. The agent will manage the process, designed to culminate in a sale, then handle all of the paperwork, collection of deposits from the purchaser and facilitating the sale to the trusted closing company of your choice.

When you’re ready, start your free advertising today!

Give Your Vacation Variety with a WorldMark Timeshare Resort 

WorldMark timeshares are all about flexibility. Worldmark by Wyndham is a global network of about 100 vacation resorts with nearly 300,000 members that gives owners the option of being able to choose when and where they vacation. Not only do you have access to more resorts, but you are not restricted to the same week year after year, unlike traditional timeshares that lock you into the same week and location. 

Don’t settle for the same vacation spot year after year when you can explore a different destination and make every year a vacation to remember with WorldMark timeshare resorts.

Perhaps you have always wanted to take a Hawaiian vacation in the spring or spend a winter week skiing in British Columbia. Or maybe you have imagined exploring the ancient ruins of Mexico or diving off the coast of St. Thomas. You can have it all with a WorldMark timeshare where you are free to choose when and where you spend your vacation. 

What’s more, you will not be cramped in a tiny hotel room. Ownership has its privileges, starting with trendy accommodations that are spacious enough to comfortably sleep the whole family with all the amenities of home. Every consideration has been given, from the well-appointed kitchen to the restful furnishings. 

WorldMark Timeshare Resort FAQs

A: WorldMark timeshares operate on a pure points, otherwise known as credits, system where a member buys an allotment of points to use for booking accommodation at any of the nearly 100 WorldMark timeshare resorts in the network. The points operate as a type of vacation currency, so the more points you own, the more vacations you can take. Just login to the WorldMark owner’s portal, check the availability for a resort during your favorite vacation week and make the booking. Points are renewed yearly, so you can preplan early to give yourself the best chance to stay at your favorite resort.

A: Both operations come under the Wyndham Destinations umbrella, which is owned by Travel + Leisure, so they are both part of the same company. While you may see some overlap between WorldMark timeshare resorts mixed in with Wyndham resorts in their respective systems, not all members can stay in both Wyndham or WorldMark timeshare resorts. They manage separate programs, so it depends on the level of ownership and, in the case of Wyndham, whether the owner has a deeded or non-deeded ownership as to whether a member can access both resort programs.

A: WorldMark allows members to rent out their credits, so yes, non-members can stay at a WorldMark resort if they choose to rent from a WorldMark timeshare points owner. Vacationers can look online for the resort of their choice and find a WorldMark rental that suits their vacation plans.

A: There are a few ways to get out of a WorldMark timeshare.

The first is by cancelling during the rescission period after you first buy WorldMark credits directly from WorldMark or through a resort. Check your documents as to the exact time frame and steps you need to take to cancel.

The second is by selling WorldMark timeshare points on the resale market, where you can actually get some money back from your initial purchase. This is the best option and can be done with no upfront fees here in a safe and effective way to sell.

The third is by contacting the Wyndham Cares program to see if you quality for a give back program, but keep in mind there are several criteria that much be met and there are no guarantees they will take it back. Even if they do, there is no compensation provided to owners.

A: Yes, absolutely. Owners can sell WorldMark credits on the resale market and have been selling for years by placing their credits for sale online through programs such as the one at Sell a Timeshare. Our program lets you post your credits online with no upfront fees and once an offer comes in, it will be verified through our sister company, Timeshare Broker Associates, to make sure it is a legitimate offer. You can accept, decline or counter the offer and, if accepted, let TBA take care of all the paperwork to make the process as simple and streamlined as possible. It is the easiest way to buy or sell WorldMark timeshare resorts credits.

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