Why Owners Sell Timeshare: The Real Reasons


Jason Connolly

August 28, 2023

Owning a timeshare can be a vacation dream come true for many people, providing a way to enjoy a vacation property without the full expense of whole ownership. But there ultimately comes a time when an owner decides to sell their timeshare. Understanding the real reasons why owners sell timeshare can provide valuable insights for both potential buyers and those looking to exit the timeshare market.

Because there are several situations and circumstances leading an owner to transition out of the ownership, let’s take a look at the reasons why owners choose to sell their timeshare.

Reasons Why Owners Sell Timeshare

1) Financial Constraints

One of the most common reasons for selling a timeshare is financial worries. While owning a timeshare may be a cost-effective way to vacation, there can be hidden costs. Annual maintenance fees, unexpected assessments, and changes in an owner’s personal financial situation can make the timeshare more expensive than initially planned. For owners on a tight budget, these costs can prompt the sale of the timeshare.

2) Change in Lifestyle or Family Dynamics

Changes in life circumstances are irregular at best, and changes in family size, health, or other personal circumstances can alter an owner's ability or desire to use a timeshare. Children growing up and losing interest, divorce, or the passing of a loved one can drastically change vacation needs and preferences. When the timeshare no longer fits the owner's lifestyle, selling becomes the most logical option.

3) Aging and Health Concerns

As owners age, their ability or desire to travel might fade. Health concerns may also limit travel options, making the timeshare less attractive or usable. In these cases, selling allows owners to realign their options with their current lifestyle and needs.

4) Retirement

This could also come under change in lifestyle but is a specific circumstance that crosses over several areas. As owners approach retirement, they often find their needs and desires change. The ability to travel often increases, so owning and funding one week a year at the same location no longer appeals to the need to secure annual vacation time while in employment. Selling a timeshare becomes a means to adapt to this new phase of life.

5) Limited Usage Opportunities

The flexibility of a timeshare can be more limiting than owners realize. Fixed weeks or even floating weeks might not align with an owner's vacation schedule, leading to frustration. Furthermore, the desired locations or dates might not always be available, even with points-based club programs. The limited usage opportunities can cause owners to feel they are not getting value from their ownership, leading them to sell a timeshare.

6) Contractual Challenges

The complexities of timeshare contracts often contribute to an owner's decision to sell. Most contracts include some type of perpetuity clause, making it difficult to exit without selling. Misunderstanding or possible misrepresentation at the original time of purchase at the resort might leave owners feeling trapped or deceived, and the only way out can be through a sale.

7) Dissatisfaction with Property or Management

Over time, the overall quality a timeshare property may decline or the management company or staff may fail to uphold the expected standards. Discontentment with the upkeep, facilities, or overall management of the property can erode the initial allure of the timeshare. In these cases, selling becomes a means to cut ties with an unsatisfactory asset.

8) Market Factors

Economic conditions can play a role in the decision to sell a timeshare. When the economy is favorable, owners might see the opportunity to sell to minimize loss. Conversely, an economic downturn might force an owner to sell due to financial pressure.

9) Desire for Different Vacation Experiences

A fixed week timeshare often ties owners to a specific location or a network of locations. Some owners may find that they want to explore new places and have different experiences rather than returning to the same destination. While there are options through exchange companies such as RCI or Interval International, sometimes owners are dissatisfied with their limited exchange opportunities. Selling their timeshare becomes a way to regain the flexibility to travel without restrictions.

10) Technological Advancements

As technology advances, people's expectations for resort and accommodation amenities also change. An outdated timeshare property lacking modern amenities such as reliable free Wi-Fi might become less appealing. Selling the timeshare and opting for accommodations with advanced technological features could be the preferred choice for tech-savvy travelers.

11) Emerging Alternatives to Timeshares

It is easier to find and book vacation accommodation than ever before, so with the rise of vacation rental platforms and more flexible travel options, timeshare owners have a growing list of alternatives. These platforms offer ease and variety without the long-term commitment of a timeshare. The appeal of more flexible, sometimes less expensive options may drive some owners to sell their timeshares.

12) Access to Capital

Timeshares can represent an ongoing financial obligation that's tied up for a long time. Owners might choose to sell their timeshare to free up capital for other financial needs or opportunities, such as paying off debts, or being freed up from future maintenance fee obligations.

13) Global Uncertainty

As we’ve recently seen with COVID, global events like pandemics can create travel uncertainty and impact the ability to travel. Economic pressures and travel restrictions may force owners to reevaluate their choice in leisure properties, leading to an increased desire to sell.

14) Consumer Sentiment and Brand Reputation

The reputation of the timeshare company or resort can significantly affect an owner's satisfaction level. Negative resort reviews, bad press, or ethical concerns surrounding the company might lead to a decline in the perceived value and enjoyment of the timeshare, prompting an owner to sell.

15) Destination Overcrowding and Competition

Some popular timeshare resorts and locations can become overcrowded, leading to competition for prime booking slots and reduced enjoyment due to congestion. As a result, the appeal of owning a timeshare in these areas might diminish, leading owners to sell.

16) Cultural Shifts and Changing Preferences

Societal changes in a particular town or state and evolving cultural preferences may also influence an owner's desire to sell a timeshare. Trends in cultural or leisure activities are continually shifting, and a location or style of vacation that was once popular might lose its appeal.

Additional Considerations for Potential Sellers

If you are thinking about selling a timeshare, some additional factors to consider can include:

Resale Value

Understanding the potential resale value of a timeshare is crucial to determining an attractive resale asking price. Market research will help sellers set a realistic price. You can use our free market analysis calculator to begin your research, which gives you the average asking price for your timeshare from the sellers advertising on our platform.

Marketing and Exposure

Finding a buyer will require aggressive online marketing tactics. Specialized platforms such as SellaTimeshare.com and accompanying support from licensed agents focused on timeshare resales will ease the process. Fortunately, sellers who work with us will not only receive the benefit of our team’s 20+ years of online marketing experience but also the support of agents from our sister company, Timeshare Broker Associates. All with no upfront fees.

Legal and Transfer Process

Navigating the legal and contractual aspects of selling a timeshare can be complicated. Working with a reputable timeshare resale company ensures compliance with all laws and regulations.

Emotional Considerations

Selling a timeshare can come with emotional considerations, particularly if the property has been part of family traditions over several years. Recognizing and addressing these emotional factors can make the selling process smoother, especially the need for patience to allow the process to work.

Now That You Know The Reasons Why Owners Sell Timeshare…..

The decision to sell a timeshare is complex and often deeply personal. It can stem from financial considerations, life changes, dissatisfaction with the property, or a desire for a different vacation experience. Understanding these real reasons helps demystify the timeshare resale market and provides essential context for sellers.

Those thinking of selling a timeshare need to recognize that it's not a simple transaction. Engaging with professionals who understand the intricate dynamics of the timeshare market, evaluating personal needs, and carefully reviewing contractual obligations will contribute to a successful transaction that aligns with both lifestyle and financial objectives.

By understanding the reasons why owners sell timeshares, owners can approach the market with informed perspectives and make decisions that are right for them.

If you are ready to take the next step, click here for more information on how to sell your timeshare.

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