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Tips to Sell a Marriott Timeshare: Maneuvering the Market


Wes Kogelman

October 09, 2023

Owning a timeshare can be a dream, offering you a slice of vacation heaven that you can visit on a yearly basis. However, there comes a time when you may need to sell, whether it's due to a change in lifestyle, financial circumstances, or simply wanting something new. Selling a Marriott timeshare, those available through Marriott Vacation Club, can be a nuanced process given the specialized nature of the market. Here are some tips to help you successfully sell Marriott timeshares.

A Few Tips to Sell Marriott Timeshares

1) Understand the Market

Value Assessment: Research the real market value of your timeshare. The initial purchase price and current resale price are sure to be significantly different.

Demand Analysis: Gauge the demand for Marriott timeshares in your location. Some destinations may have a higher resale potential.

Seasonality: Consider the impact of seasons on demand for your timeshare week. A ski resort timeshare might be more attractive leading up to winter, while beach locales might garner attention closer to summer.

Competitor Analysis: See how similar timeshares are promoted in the market, keeping an eye on their pricing and sales strategy.

2) Prepare Your Timeshare Documents

Documentation: Ensure all paperwork, like original sale documents, ownership paperwork such as a deed and maintenance fee records are in order.

Communication: Contact your resort if you need copies of your records to ensure exactly what you own.

3) Regulatory Compliance

Professional Counsel: Consider consulting with a licensed professional specializing in timeshare transactions such as the agents at Timeshare Broker Associates (TBA) to navigate through the issues surrounding a sale.

Compliance: Ensure that the sale adheres to Marriott's guidelines regarding timeshare resales. Licensed agents can help guide you through this process.

Resale Restrictions: Review your contract for any clauses that might affect the resale or transfer of the timeshare.

Right of First Refusal: This is Marriott’s policy to buy back a timeshare from an existing owner. Remember that a seller first needs to have a buyer under contract, then submit the contract to Marriott for review. Marriott would then step in to buy it back if they chose to enforce the policy. Otherwise, they would just allow the sale to proceed.

4) Effective Advertising

Correct Ownership Details: Chances are you will own either a deeded Marriott timeshare week or Marriott Vacation Club Destinations points. Make sure you provide the most accurate details possible in your ad so a prospective buyer will know exactly what is on offer.

Platform Selection: Use a high-performance website specializing in timeshare resales, such as SellaTimeshare.com, and use one that does not charge upfront fees.

SEO Optimization: Ask about a company’s strategy to optimize online advertising with relevant keywords to enhance visibility on search engines.

5) Think About a Resale Broker

Experience: Choose brokers with a track record of successfully selling timeshares, especially Marriott timeshares. Working with SellaTimeshare.com will also give you the support of licensed TBA agents who can provide you with the specialized help you need.

Credibility: Ensure the brokers are licensed in their respective state and adhere to ethical practices by checking reviews and memberships in associations such as the National Association of Realtors and American Resort Development Association.

Marketing: A good brokerage will assist in advertising your timeshare to targeted buyers. Leverage the broker's network and platforms to reach a wider audience of potential buyers.

Broker Commissions: Ensure clarity about broker commissions from the outset, insisting on any commissions to be paid after the sale is completed. Also compare commissions, as Marriott charges as much as a 40 percent commission compared to most third-party brokers at 15 percent.

Marriott’s Resale Program: Marriott has its own resale program, but with commissions as much as three times the rate of standard commissions, the difference could be thousands of dollars. Why pay more than you have to when you sell your Marriott timeshares?

6) Pricing Strategy

Competitive Pricing: Ensure your resale pricing is competitive by researching other Marriott timeshares on the market. You can do this through our free market analysis calculator.

Flexibility: Be prepared to negotiate the price, remembering that it is only truly worth what a buyer is willing to pay, within reason.

7) Clear Communication

Be Transparent: Ensure all costs, conditions, and features are clearly communicated to avoid any possible misunderstandings in future.

Responsive: Be prompt in responding to inquiries and providing additional information as soon as possible.

Contact Details: Make sure your contact details are as up to date as possible to reduce the possibility of missed emails or phone calls.

8) Navigating Through the Sale

Closing Process: Understand and assist with the closing process as needed, ensuring all documentation is accurately completed. It is recommended to choose a closing company experienced in timeshare resales to ensure a smooth process.

Escrow Accounts: Make sure to work with a company utilizing an escrow account to secure funds to protect the seller and the buyer.

Transfer Process: Be as responsive as possible but be aware that it might take as long as 120 days to transfer the ownership since the timeframe is largely dependent on approvals from Marriott.

Transfer Fees: Be aware of any possible fees associated with transferring ownership and ensure they are factored into your pricing strategy.

9) Post-Sale Formalities

Notification: Confirm with Marriott Vacation Club about the sale and complete any necessary post-sale procedures.

Financial Matters: Ensure all financial matters, including the payment of maintenance fees, are handled appropriately.

Looking to Sell a Marriott Timeshare?

Selling a Marriott timeshare requires a blend of understanding the resale market, strategic promotion, and meticulous process management. By adhering to these tips, you enhance your ability to navigate through the niche timeshare resale market, potentially speeding up the sales process while ensuring compliance and satisfaction for both seller and buyer.

Remember, patience and persistence are imperative, as the timeshare resale market can sometimes require time to find the right buyer.

Fortunately, SellaTimeshare.com provides the most cost-effective platform for selling Marriott timeshare – because it is a free service to use. Owners just upload their information into our system and our self-service platform automatically creates an advertisement and places your week or Marriott timeshare points online onto the open market. Our service also features support from TBA agents to help advise you through the process, giving you the on-going assistance to lead to a successful sale. 

Ready to begin? Get started here to sell your Marriott timeshare.

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