Sell My Timeshare Now?

Have you been asking yourself “how do I sell my timeshare now?” Perhaps your yearly maintenance fees are coming up and you’ve decided you no longer wish to pay them. Or, maybe your lifestyle has changed and you’re no longer able to vacation as often as you were once able. Whatever your reason, has the solution.


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Selling Timeshare Back to the Resort

Many timeshare owners buy timeshare with the assumption that the resort will buy it back when they’re ready to sell. While there are some resorts offering to take timeshare back from owners, it is rare for a resort to offer money for your timeshare. In some situations, the resort will even charge you a fee to take the timeshare back and offer you nothing in return except for the discontinuation of your maintenance fees.

Common Questions about Selling Timeshare

If I advertise my timeshare for sale online will my private information be spread across the Internet?

Absolutely not.’s innovative platform keeps all of your private information secure in its database. Your information will never be displayed publicly on any of our websites.

I want to sell my timeshare now. How long will it take?

It is true that some timeshares will sell faster than others. High demand resorts in popular vacation destinations generally sell the fastest, but most timeshares can be sold quickly if they are priced low enough to be considered a great deal by potential buyers.

How much is my timeshare worth?

The best way to figure out how much your timeshare is worth is to use our free market analysis tool. This tool looks at what other timeshare owners are asking for their timeshares and provides you with a recommended price. Try it out. It’s free to use.

Still Asking “How do I sell my timeshare now?”

Selling timeshare doesn’t have to be complicated. Our self-service platform makes it easy for you to build your timeshare ad without ever speaking to a salesperson. To get started just sign up for a free acount. 

Next, you’ll need to gather up all of the details about your timeshare such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, maintenance fee costs etc. Once these details are readily available you’re ready to get started building your ad. It is extremely important that the details about your timeshare are accurate because incorrect details can quickly end negotiations with potential buyers.

Once you’re signed up you’ll want to add to your email safe sender list to ensure you receive any offers that might come through. And that’s it! The only thing left for you to do is respond to any offers that come through in your dashboard. So, stop wondering “How can I sell my timeshare now?” and start advertising today!