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Best Time to Sell a Caribbean Timeshare


Wes Kogelman

October 03, 2023

Successfully selling a timeshare in the Caribbean can be done, especially when it is put up for sale at the right time. A combination of factors, including tourist trends, economic climate, and even the weather seasons, play a pivotal role in determining the best time to sell. This article seeks to provide insights into helping you decide when is the best time to sell a Caribbean timeshare and put it on the market.

We understand that some factors may be out of your control, such as health concerns or a change in your family situation. There are a number of reasons why owners choose to sell timeshare, but if you have time and are not under certain pressures to sell, then take a look at the factors we’ve identified to help you make your decision.

Before identifying the optimal selling period, it’s important to understand the dynamics of the Caribbean timeshare market. The Caribbean is one of the world's most sought-after tourist destinations, thanks to its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and warm climate. Timeshares offer a flexible way for tourists to enjoy these attractions throughout the year, so there is consistent demand for the region.

Factors to Determine the Best Time to Sell a Caribbean Timeshare

Understand Seasonal Factors

High Tourist Season: Traditionally, the peak visitor season in the Caribbean extends from December to April. During these months, North American and European tourists flock to the islands to escape the cold winters. As the demand for vacation accommodations rises, so does the interest in timeshares.

If you're planning to sell during the high season, it's best to start advertising in the months leading up to it (September to November) to leverage demand and attract potential buyers.

Low Tourist Season: June to September is generally considered the off-peak season due to the competition from multiple warm weather vacation destinations. Nevertheless, the lower influx of tourists means a potentially reduced pool of buyers. If you're targeting those looking for a bargain, this might be a suitable time to sell.

Shoulder Season Opportunities: Just before the high season (November) and just after it (May) are considered “shoulder seasons”. These periods often attract travelers wanting to avoid the peak season's crowds but still enjoy the favorable weather. Because the weather is always warm, shoulder seasons don’t have the downsides that many other regions experience. By targeting these visitors, you might find a niche market of potential buyers.

Storm Season: Usually August to October is the prime time for potential tropical storms, so keep an eye on the storm cycles as to when you want to put your timeshare up for sale. While some travelers are wary of this period, it’s worth noting that these storms aren't a daily, or even a yearly occurrence, with several islands such as Aruba and Bonaire out of the storm pathways altogether.   

Understanding the Caribbean Timeshare Landscape

The Caribbean is a diverse area comprising numerous islands, each with its own unique charm. Timeshares in the Bahamas might offer a different experience than those in St. Maarten or St. Thomas, owing to variations in local styles, accessibility, and tourist demographics. Therefore, understanding the specific locale's attributes and how it ties into the broader Caribbean context is essential.

Island Specificity: Each Caribbean island has its own unique attractions, peak periods, cultural events, historic celebrations, and regional climates. For instance, Jamaica has the spectacular Dunns River Falls which you can climb in a way that is unique to anywhere else in the Caribbean. Recognizing these nuances can pinpoint the best times to sell based on demand.

Travel Accessibility: Islands with direct international flights or cruise ship stops could see more consistent foot traffic, leading to potential timeshare interest. However, multiple cruise ship stops may also be a turn off for buyers looking for a quieter time of year. Regularly review updated airline routes or cruise schedules to forecast influxes.

Local Developments and Insights

Are there new flights becoming available to the island and therefore making it easier to access? Perhaps a new water park or a major international event planned in the vicinity? These developments can increase the appeal of your timeshare. Staying informed about local news and upcoming attractions can help you time your sale to align with heightened interest in the area.

Local Festivals & Events: The Caribbean calendar is filled with festivals, from Grand Cayman’s Pirate Week and Nassau’s Junkanoo Festivals to Barbados' Crop Over. If your timeshare is in a location that hosts such events, it might be an opportune time to showcase its potential to buyers looking for annual accommodation during these events.

Currency Exchange Rates: While nearly all Caribbean islands accept U.S. currency, timeshare buyers come from countries around the world such as the U.K. and European countries. If the dollar or pound is particularly strong, foreign buyers might feel they're getting more value for their money, making it a strategic selling point.

Airline Travel Deals: Airlines often offer special deals for Caribbean flights. If there's a significant increase in promotion for a given island, it might be a signal to ramp up your selling efforts.

Environmental Initiatives: The Caribbean is increasingly focusing on sustainable eco-tourism programs. If your timeshare location is introducing eco-friendly initiatives, this can be a unique selling point for environmentally conscious buyers.

Weather Patterns: Understand the microclimates of the island. While the Caribbean is known for its warm weather, certain islands might be cooler or rainier than others at different times, even down to which side of the island your resort is located. Highlighting the best weather months can serve as a selling point.

School Vacations: Recognizing school break schedules and even Spring Break dates, especially in North America and Europe, can help target families looking for recurring vacation spots during those times.

Safety and Security: An essential aspect of travel for international buyers is the region's safety. If there have been improvements in local security or accolades for being a safe tourist destination, this can significantly bolster the property's attractiveness. Conversely, if a destination has been called out for safety concerns, this could have a negative impact on selling your timeshare. Look for potentially negative news headlines for your island when deciding to sell. 

Emotional Considerations

Lastly, be sure to consider your emotional attachment to the property. The best time to sell isn't just about market trends but also about when you feel ready to let go. If you have countless cherished memories associated with your timeshare, ensure you're emotionally prepared to sell.

Marketing and Promotion

No matter when you decide to sell, effective online marketing is crucial. Leveraging platforms that cater specifically to timeshares, like SellaTimeshare.com, increase visibility among interested buyers. Also, consider working with professionals who understand the intricacies of timeshare sales in the Caribbean such as licensed brokers with Timeshare Broker Associates.

Beyond specialized platforms, use the power of social media but keep in mind that this is mainly a friends and family outreach tool due to the way these platforms manage content. Stunning visuals of the Caribbean can captivate audiences, making platforms like Instagram or Facebook a possibility for showcasing your property.

Want to Sell Your Caribbean Timeshare?

The best time to sell a Caribbean timeshare is a combination of seasonal considerations, local developments, effective marketing, and personal readiness. Historically, the high tourist season offers the most promising window, but savvy sellers can find opportunities throughout the year by staying informed and proactive.

If you're thinking about selling your Caribbean timeshare, begin by researching current market trends, choose an online platform that does not charge upfront fees and align your sale with both your financial and emotional goals. With the right approach, you can maximize the opportunity to sell your Caribbean timeshare.

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