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A timeshare can be a fabulous way to vacation, but at some stage owners need to have an easy, cost-effective way to sell their timeshare. With all of the programs on the market, it can be confusing at times trying to figure out the right way to sell.

You can relax now because you've found the best way to sell your timeshare online. Our advertising strategies bring thousands of consumers to our websites who are looking to buy timeshare vacation products.

Why Sell With

  • Our no upfront fee platform is 100% free
  • You keep the proceeds of the sale 
  • We've been in the timeshare resale industry since 2000
  • One million consumers visit our web platform each year looking for timeshare information and deals
  • $90 million in offers placed through our network of resale websites over the past two years
  • Trusted by Industry Associations
  • A much better option than simply ignoring your maintenance fees.

Because our advertising system is an automated program, it allows you to build your own advertisement directly onto our platform so it can be marketed online immediately. You upload the details of your timeshare and our system creates the ad for you.

Once online and available to the potential buyers coming to our site, offers are placed onto the ads and are verified by licensed agents with our sister company, Timeshare Broker Associates. Offers are vetted to determine if they are legitimate and to protect the personal information of our sellers, as some rogue companies use this tactic to obtain the seller's personal information.

Verified offers are submitted to sellers, who then decide to either accept, decline or counter the offer. Once a deal is reached, the TBA agent creates the paperwork, collects the deposit to secure the buyer and suggests a trusted closing company to use - doing the work so you don't have to.

Since there are no ad fees involved, you’ll keep more of the proceeds of your sale.

Start the process now and begin planning to sell your timeshare. Still wondering, "how do I sell my timeshare"? View our Seller FAQ page for some common topics. 

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