Timeshare Brokers

Timeshare brokers are licensed real estate agents who are licensed by their home state to sell and process real estate transactions. Because deeded timeshare interests are considered real estate, some owners seek the help of timeshare brokers in order to sell their timeshare.

While using a timeshare broker or agent can mean paying a sales commission, you are paying them to find a buyer and complete the resale process. Timeshare brokers are experienced in negotiating the sale of a timeshare resale and, in most instances, are the only ones legally allowed to price a timeshare on the secondary market. They will also make sure that the contracts are prepared correctly and ready to be sent to closing.

The services of timeshare brokers are far more complex than simply filing paperwork, as they often involve preparation of tax forms, establishment of escrow accounts, requests for estoppels from the resort to verify the ownership, and necessary notifications.   

Use SellaTimeshare.com and also Work with Timeshare Brokers

The flexibility of the self-service program of SellaTimeshare.com means you can negotiate with a buyer for your timeshare, save paying a sales commission and still use timeshare brokers to deal with the paperwork. Our program lets you build your advertisement directly onto our platform and promote your timeshare to the one million annual visitors who come to our websites looking for timeshare information.

Our program is a monthly subscription service which is the least expensive in the industry and you can cancel whenever you decide – so just use it for the time you need it. Once you negotiate the sale, you can then select a broker to help create and process the paperwork and handle some of the issues mentioned earlier. Brokers would charge a nominal fee for these additional services.

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