Sell a Timeshare on the Resale Market 

Timeshare resales offer the best deals in the timeshare industry, but sellers need to understand why to maximize their opportunity of selling on the resale market. 

Timeshares sold at the resort include resort sales and marketing costs within the original sales price. Much the way a new car depreciates the minute it is driven off the lot, timeshare resales have lower prices because those original costs inflate the original price of the timeshare. These resort costs are often 50-60% of the initial purchase price.

For the owner looking to sell a timeshare on the resale market, understanding this dynamic can make all the difference in a successful sale. Many times, owners seek to get the same money they paid for their timeshare, which is unrealistic because of the reasons stated earlier. 

Owners putting their timeshare resale on the market could take their original purchase price, then drop it by the sales and marketing costs to arrive at their asking price, which will give them enough room to negotiate with a prospective buyer. 

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