Looking to Rent a Timeshare For A Great Vacation?

One of the best ways to experience the benefits of a timeshare vacation is to rent a timeshare and get a first-hand account of the upscale difference between a timeshare resort and a typical hotel stay.

When you rent a timeshare, you have the opportunity to stay in much larger accommodation with fabulous in-unit amenities far beyond the reach of a hotel room. The average size of timeshare accommodation is now 1,000 square feet, with the two-bedroom unit the configuration of choice for timeshare visitors. Compare that to a cramped hotel room at 300 square feet with the entire family eating pizza on the bed.  

Find A Rental At SellaTimeshare.com

Timeshare renters get all of the on-site resort access that an owner would get, but without the on-going obligation. However, owners do have benefits such as priority booking, allowing them the choice of the best units and times of the year to book a vacation.

That’s where we can help. To rent a timeshare you can search the inventory available here on SellaTimeshare.com and choose the rental you want, make an offer and negotiate with the owner. The rentals advertised are from existing owners who have that priority access, so they can book the use of their unit and rent it out to you at the time you want.

Can I Rent Out My Timeshare?

If you’re an owner looking to rent out your timeshare, you can advertise with us through our first-of-its-kind, month-to-month program. Just sign up, build your ad right onto our platform and advertise for free for the time you need to rent your timeshare. The service can be cancelled at any time, so once you’ve rented out your unit, you can deactivate your ad and not have to field more offers. Then come back to reactivate your ad when you want to put your timeshare back onto the rental market. Sign up for free by clicking here.

Still have questions? View our Renter FAQ page for some common topics.    

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