Can I Sell My Pet Friendly Timeshare?

Pet friendly timeshares are more plentiful than you may think, with more resorts realizing the need to cater to pet owners looking for a vacation destination. Overall, Americans spend on average $58 billion a year on their pets, with an estimated 397 million pets in the United States. That’s more pets than people in the U.S.!

As more pet owners decide to vacation, they want to take their pets with them. If you own a timeshare at pet-friendly resorts, this can be an important point of emphasis that will make your timeshare stand out and be more attractive to pet owners searching for pet friendly timeshares.

Pet friendly timeshare resorts can be found across the major brands, such as Marriott Newport Coast Villas, Hilton Club New York and Westgate Towers. If your timeshare is in a community that promotes itself as pet friendly, you’ll want to mention this in your advertisement when you sell your timeshare.

We’ve been in the timeshare resale business since 2000 and our online marketing strategies attract over one million consumers to our websites looking for timeshare information. We’ve seen all of the trends impacting the industry, such as the emergence of pet friendly resorts.   

For owners looking to sell timeshare, our self-service program allows sellers to build an advertisement directly onto our platform, so once your ad is built you will be given an online account from which you can make additions to your ad – such as including the pet-friendly details of your timeshare.

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