Timeshare Points & Weeks

The latest craze in the timeshare industry is about timeshare points and how they have revolutionized the use of the timeshare product.

Whereas timeshare used to be about securing a week of vacation time at a particular resort, the advent of timeshare points has completely changed how the product is used and marketed to a new generation looking for a more on-demand vacation ownership product.

Looking to Sell Your Timeshare Points?

In most cases, timeshare points can be sold on the resale market. You may want to check with your resort to understand the nuances of your points and what can be transferred, but owners who have decided to sell their timeshare points can use our free service to advertise their points for sale. Our inexpensive advertising platform lets you sell your points online.

How Do Timeshare Points Work?

Acting as a type of vacation currency, timeshare points work in varying degrees depending on the resort or company that has issued the points. For example, owners at resorts affiliated with exchange companies such as RCI or Interval International have the option of converting their week into points assigned by their exchange company. These points can then be used on products such as vacation accommodation, tours or cruises.

Resort brands such as Wyndham, WorldMark and Marriott have points-based programs that allow owners to use their points for vacations at any time at resorts within their network. In the case of Marriott, that’s a choice from nearly 60 resorts to plan your next vacation.

The flexibility of timeshare points is a major benefit of the product, so take a look at the points for sale here at SellaTimeshare.com and start dreaming about your next vacation.