Best Ways to Sell a Timeshare without Paying Upfront Fees


Wes Kogelman

August 11, 2023

How to Sell Your Timeshare With No Upfront Costs

The world of timeshares has evolved significantly in recent years, becoming a great option for many vacationers. However, circumstances can change, and some owners may find themselves needing to sell their timeshare. A major concern in selling a timeshare can be the upfront fees, often required by resale advertising companies. In this article, we'll explore ways to sell a timeshare without paying upfront fees.

Before selling a timeshare, it's crucial to understand exactly what type of product you own. Analyzing the details of your contract, the size and configuration of your unit, whether you still owe money on it or if you have points will give you a clearer picture of the selling process. It can also aid you in finding the right platform or method to sell your timeshare without those potentially costly upfront costs.

Selling Timeshare Without Paying Upfront Fees

1) Sell it Yourself

One way to avoid upfront fees is to take matters into your own hands and sell the timeshare yourself. Here are some ways to try:

a) Online Platforms:

Utilize websites that allow free advertising. Platforms like provide exposure on the world wide web without any upfront fees.

b) Social Media Networks:

Try leveraging your social media network to find potential buyers. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and maybe even TikTok will let you share the benefits and visuals of your timeshare with the world. Word of mouth can be a powerful tool in avoiding any fees.

2) Use a Licensed Real Estate Agent

Most real estate agents do not require upfront fees for selling timeshares. This is often regulated at the state level, so check first with your potential agent to see when they actually get paid. Find an agent specializing in timeshares, such as Timeshare Broker Associates, who works on commission only. They get paid only when the sale is completed. And make sure you check their online presence and find out how they intend to market your timeshare.

3) Resort Resale Program

Some timeshare resorts offer resale programs or assistance in finding a buyer. Check with the resort's management to see if this service is available. If so, they may be willing to sell the property without charging any upfront fees, although the commissions may be higher than those charged by third-party timeshare brokers.

4) Donate the Timeshare

If selling proves to be difficult, another option is donating the timeshare to a charitable organization. Though this won't bring you profit, it can eliminate ongoing maintenance fees. If you choose to go this route, make sure you are actually turning over full ownership of your timeshare and not just donating the use of the timeshare during your current use year.

5) Join Timeshare Owner Forums

Timeshare owner online forums and clubs are good ways to find like-minded individuals who may be interested in purchasing a timeshare. Engage in community discussions, and you might find a buyer without paying any fees. Existing owners are known to purchase more timeshare at their home resort or, if a points-based program, buy additional points to use for upgraded accommodation options.

6) Give Your Timeshare

Another approach is to consider giving your timeshare to someone else. If a family member or friend has shown interest in possibly wanting your timeshare, you can transfer ownership into their name and have them assume the ongoing obligations. This can also be done with an existing timeshare owner at your resort. While this would not result in selling your timeshare, some owners just need to get out from the annual fees and this is one way to relinquish ownership.

7) Offer Seller Financing

Depending on the asking price, offering to finance the sale yourself might attract more potential new owners. While this can be a more complex process, it can facilitate a sale without the need for paying upfront fees. The seller could still arrange a non-refundable a deposit from the buyer, so this can be a way to still make money, even if the full amount is paid in installments over the duration of the agreement.

8) Consider Timeshare Auctions

Timeshare auctions may be another viable way for selling your timeshare. Some auction sites allow promoting timeshares without upfront fees, charging a commission only when the timeshare is sold. Check the success rate of such auction sites, since you don’t want to waste your time using a site that doesn’t get any traffic.

9) Consider a Lease-to-Own Agreement

Offering a lease-to-own option could attract buyers who are cautious about an outright purchase. This is a more complex agreement, but it's another avenue to explore without incurring upfront fees. Make sure the payments at least cover the amount of your annual fees and discuss the actual ownership status of such an agreement with your resort, since ownership would presumably transfer on the completion of the agreement.

Tips and Precautions When Selling a Timeshare

Avoid Scams

When it comes to upfront fees, timeshare resale scams are common so always be cautious. If a company asks for a high upfront fee without clear justification, it might be a scam. Always research any company or individual you are considering working with and ask for all details in writing.

Negotiate with Confidence

Research the resale value of your timeshare, and don't hesitate to negotiate with potential buyers. If you need help determining an asking price, use our free market analysis tool, which will give you the average asking price for your resort from the owners advertising their timeshare on our platform. Transparency about the terms and conditions of the timeshare can help in smooth negotiations.

Provide Necessary Information

Providing all the important details about the timeshare, including size of unit, bedrooms and bathrooms, season of ownership, and any points attached to your ownership. This increases trust and helps in closing a deal more swiftly.

Ready to Sell a Timeshare without Paying Upfront Fees?

Selling a timeshare without paying upfront fees is possible and offers a way to make some money while getting out from under those annual fees. From leveraging online platforms and engaging with specialized agents to exploring novel methods like auctions, the opportunities are out there.

Success in any of these routes comes down to due diligence, understanding your contract, having a clear picture of what you want, and appreciating how the timeshare resale market works. Whether you decide to go at it alone or seek professional assistance, these diverse options can enable you to navigate the resale of your timeshare effectively and efficiently without unnecessary costs.

Always remember that patience and diligence in exploring various platforms and negotiating with potential buyers can lead to a successful sale without upfront costs. Don't hesitate to utilize online resources and community forums to learn from others' experiences.

By taking control of the process and being aware of the traditional selling routes, you can find a suitable way to sell your timeshare without burdening yourself with upfront fees.

Ready to sell a timeshare without paying upfront fees? Get Started Here.

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