Sell Diamond Resort Timeshare Points

Ready to sell your Diamond resort timeshare points? With Diamond Resorts now acquired by the Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare company, questions continue to arise about how owners are able to use their points and whether it will cost even more money to use them. So now is the perfect time to sell your Diamond points. has developed an innovative platform for timeshare owners like you to advertise their timeshare online. Our platform allows Diamond timeshare owners to advertise their timeshare points with no upfront fees, getting you more cash for your timeshare. No fees. No hassles. Just results.

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  • Trusted by leading industry associations including ARDA, CRTA and more
  • Nearly $90 million in buyer and rental offers in the past 2 years
  • No hidden or upfront fees
  • Our network of websites receives an average of one million visitors per year from those interested in timeshare related information.
  • Support from our sister company, licensed timeshare resale brokerage Timeshare Broker Associates (TBA)

Highest Diamond Point Offers Received

We’ve helped connect timeshare owners with buyers since 2000 and have generated thousands of offers for our advertisers over the years. Shown below are some of the highest offers owners on our platform of websites have ever received.

Some of the highest rental offers our owners have received include:

Facts About Diamond Timeshares

If you haven’t used your timeshare in a while, you may have forgotten some of the key aspects and selling points. Review the bullets below for some quick notes to keep in mind when negotiating with potential buyers.

  • Diamond owners are still able to use their points to stay in their timeshare accommodation, regardless of the company's new relationship with Hilton.
  • Owners are able to upgrade their points into the HGV Max program, giving them the ability to vacation in Hilton timeshare resorts as well as the former Diamond resorts.
  • By obtaining Diamond timeshare points on the resale market, this can be a relatively inexpensive way to then upgrade into the HGV Max program without the need to buy points at inflated retail rates through Hilton. 

How to Choose a Timeshare Resale Company

When researching companies to help you sell your timeshare, consider the following:

     1. Does this company have a professional website that buyers would feel comfortable using?
     2. How long has this company been in business?
     3. How much success has the company had connecting sellers with buyers?

Asking these questions can help you choose a reputable timeshare resale company that will accomplish your goals. As mentioned earlier in this article, the Diamond timeshares advertised on our platform of websites receive offers as high as $57,000. We’ve been in business since 2000 and our website is advanced to seamlessly work on all mobile devices on the market.

By choosing SellaTimeshare as a way to sell Diamond resort timeshare points, you also gain the support of TBA agents who will verify all buyer offers to prove they are legitimately from actual buyers. In this way, we can also protect you from tactics used by unscrupulous companies trying to get your personal information.

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Diamond Timeshare FAQ for Sellers

Can I sell Diamond Timeshare Through Diamond Resorts International?

No, Diamond does not have a resale program of its own because they are no longer an independent company. Luckily, we can help you advertise your timeshare to thousands of visitors every month on our network of websites.

Do My Diamond Points Expire?

Yes, like most other timeshare brands, Diamond timeshare points expire on Dec. 31 each year and renew the following year. Unused points are not automatically rolled over into the following year so, if you know early on that you are unable to use them, make sure to rent them out if you don’t plan on using them. You may advertise your timeshare for rent here on

How Much is My Diamond Timeshare Worth?

A good way to see how much your Diamond timeshare is worth is to use our free market analysis tool. This tool helps you price your timeshare by showing you the average asking price of similar timeshares advertised to sell on our network of websites.