How to Rent Your Timeshare Out and Make Money

Timeshare owners can sometimes be caught in a quandary over the use of their unit. Especially for fixed or seasonal floating ownership, owners may run into a situation where they are unable to use their timeshare in a given year. If that is the case with you, we can explain how you can rent your timeshare to vacationers and make some money in the process in order to offset some of your annual fees.

How Does Help? is part of a web platform that attracts one million consumers a year looking for timeshare information and deals. These are targeted consumers that understand the benefits of timeshares, so there is no guesswork here. Vacationers look for timeshares to rent because they understand the benefits such as the larger living spaces, multiple bedrooms and kitchens just to name a few.

These are the people you need to be in front of by uploading your timeshare details into our system – all for free. Our self-service advertising system allows you to rent your timeshare online in the most efficient manner possible.

How Does This Work?

Start by clicking on this link or by clicking onto the graphic on this page. You’ll be taken to our self-service platform to enter your details to get started. No high-pressure sales people to deal with and no fees to be paid in order to take part in our program. Just follow the process and you’ll be able to create an ad that will immediately be live on our website. You will also have the ability to adjust your asking price to meet market demand for your week.

Once you have your ad live, you’ll be in position to attract offers from interested renters. A potential renter submits an offer, allowing you to negotiate the rental deal yourself - anonymously through our data-protected system. When you have a rental deal in place, you can take the conversation off-line in order to complete the deal, get a written agreement in place, collect a deposit and proceed with the rental booking.

Items of Note

  • If you own points or a floating/flex week, you may want to advertise a timeframe when you are confident you’ll be able to reserve a booking for your renter. Most vacationers have a specific time in mind, so they will be looking for dates/weeks. The last thing you want is to have a renter lined up and not be able to book your week for them because the availability is no longer there.
  • You will also want a rental agreement ready to use so you can get the deal set in writing. If you don’t already have one, you can click here for a templated agreement where you can fill in the blanks and be able to send to the renter for signatures.
  • Be able to collect a deposit by having a payment pathway established such as a PayPal account or some kind of payment method ready to go. This will also enable you to easily collect the balance of the amount prior to the rental dates.
  • You may also want to review your ownership documents just to refresh yourself on the process of renting your timeshare. Make sure there are no hindrances in the agreement and you understand how the booking and notification process works with your resort. Remember, you will have to facilitate the booking by getting the week confirmed, sending the confirmation to the renter and providing the renter’s information to the resort so they know who to expect.

Enjoy the cash you make by renting out your timeshare and come back to use our service as many times as you like.