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Disney Vacation Club Adds More Inventory for Disney’s Riviera Resort


Steve Luba

January 26, 2023

The newest Disney timeshare resort, Disney’s Riviera Resort, now has more units in its inventory, which is good news for DVC points owners.

Because of the way Disney has structured its Club program, unit inventory is deeded in a specific resort with points issued against those deeds. Disney Vacation Club manages the inventory and the use of those points so, when units are transferred from the control of Disney Vacation Development (technically the developer) to the DVC program, it opens these units up to Club members to book using their points.

Number of Units Added to Disney’s Riviera Resort Inventory

A total of 25 new units have been declared for use, increasing the total number of units available to members to 224. These units are on the ninth floor in the central part of the resort – which is the part closest to the popular rooftop restaurant Topolino’s Terrace.

Most of the available timeshare units at Disney Riviera Resort are now two-bedroom lockoff villas, followed by two-bedroom designed layouts. About 69 percent of the units available to Club members can host two bedrooms. Studio units make up the next most available option, either through Deluxe Studios or the new Tower Studios. One-bedroom layouts make up about nine percent of the offerings, with three-bedroom Grand Villas the most exclusive.

What’s interesting is that Disney still retains control of 117 units at the resort, which they can use for touring new prospective buyers or for renting out to new guests as a way to market the resort. As it stands now, about two-thirds of the total designated DVC points for Riviera Resort are part of the Disney Vacation Club program, with the remaining one-third under Disney control.

Looking down the road, the good news is that there should be more villas transferred into the DVC program in the coming years as the resort matures and more owners are added to the program.

This is the seventh addition to the Riviera Resort offerings since the resort’s grand opening in 2019.

A Note Regarding Disney Resales at Riviera

One important area to remember is that resale buyers who purchase a deeded interest in Disney’s Riviera Resort can only use those points at Riviera and not for other DVC resorts. Disney made the decision in 2019 when they debuted the resort to limit the use of those points if purchased anywhere else but through Disney.

However, remember that these points can also be used through what Disney calls the World Collection. This is the program managed by Disney Vacation Club’s exchange provider, Interval International. DVC points can be placed into the Interval program and used to exchange into one of 3,200 resorts and hotels in more than 80 countries. If another Disney resort is your preference, try going through Interval to exchange into another DVC resort.

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