Is Fall a Good Time to Sell Timeshare?


Wes Kogelman

August 25, 2023

The decision to sell a timeshare can be a complicated one, and the timing of the sale can be crucial. Fall, or Autumn as it is more often referred to internationally, is often considered a unique time of year to sell.

Some of the primary reasons owners sell timeshare are consistent regardless of the time of year. Financial constraints, personal health, changes in family dynamics and age can all play a role in whether an owner decides to sell. However, the time of year can also make a difference, and understanding why Fall is a good time to sell timeshare requires an examination of several key factors.

Reasons Why Fall is a Good Time to Sell Timeshare

1) Demand Dynamics:

Seasonal Appeal:

Fall can allow sellers to highlight the timeshare's benefits for the autumn season. If the property is in a region where fall is marked by stunning foliage, pleasant weather, or unique seasonal activities such as ski weeks as we approach winter, it may be more appealing to potential buyers during this time.

Vacation Trends:

The fall season often leads to lower travel demand as families transition out of summer and settle back into school routines and the holiday travel season has not yet begun. This might reduce demand, but it could also lead to more serious inquiries from bargain hunters looking to buy.

2) Economic Factors

Market Conditions:

The timeshare market might waver based on wider economic trends, interest rates, and other financial factors. Selling during the fall might be advantageous if the current economic situation is favorable for high-value purchases.

3) Competitive Landscape

Other Sellers:

If there are fewer timeshares on the market for your resort during the Fall, it could be a good time to sell. Limited competition may give you more attention, potentially leading to a quicker sale or better price. However, this requires careful research and consideration of the current market conditions.

4) Buyer's Perspective

Planning for the Upcoming Year:

Potential buyers might be resetting their vacation plans for the upcoming year and looking for a timeshare during the Fall. This planning phase can lead to a higher likelihood of sales.

5) Travel Patterns and Booking Behaviors

Off-Peak Advantages:

While Fall is considered off-peak for many destinations, some buyers might be specifically interested in a timeshare that provides access to less crowded and more peaceful vacation experiences.

Travelers such as retirees are known to travel during off-peak seasons to avoid the crowds and take advantage of their scheduling flexibility. This makes the Fall a prime time to sell, especially for timeshares in southern areas like Florida which start to cool down from their overheated summers. Emphasizing these aspects could make your property more appealing in the Fall.

6) Maintenance and Fees

Upcoming Costs:

Selling in the Fall might allow you to get out from under the impending maintenance fee bill that usually comes during the last quarter of the year. If you can sell before the fees are due, more power to you, but remember that resorts require all accounts to be up to date on their fees before approving a timeshare sale, so you’re working against the clock.

7) Local Events and Tourism Patterns

Festivals and Local Attractions:

Fall festivals, local traditions, or special attractions unique to the season can often boost the appeal of the timeshare, especially in areas such as New England. Even the theme parks get into the act such as Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Disney World or Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, which can help sell Orlando timeshare. Highlighting these local events can make your property more desirable to those looking for specific experiences.

8) Buyer Demographics

Targeting Specific Audiences:

Understanding the demographic of someone who might be interested in your timeshare during the Fall can help you tailor your marketing efforts. Whether they are retirees, couples without children, or adventure seekers, targeting the right audience could lead to a more successful sale.

9) Weather Considerations

Climatic Factors:

The weather patterns of the location of your timeshare might impact its appeal during the Fall. For example, properties in southern locations like central Florida, Texas or Arizona might be attractive to someone looking to travel in more moderate conditions during Fall without the high heat of Summer or the colder Winter months.

10) Renovation and Improvement Timing

Property Upgrades:

Make sure you contact your resort to see if they are making improvements to your timeshare, since the timing of those renovations could influence the best time to sell. Showcasing newly completed upgrades might enhance the attractiveness of the property.

11) Buyer Financing

Interest Rates:

Interest rates often fluctuate, and borrowing rates may be more favorable during the Fall as demand wanes following the peak summer home buying season. This might make financing timeshares more attractive for potential buyers. However, keep in mind that due to the lower prices for resale timeshares, financing isn’t as important as it is for new timeshares at the resorts which command a much higher price due to the costs and commissions baked into their prices.

So, Is Fall a Good Time to Sell Timeshare?

Deciding whether Fall is a good time to sell your timeshare depends on several interrelated factors, including the location of the property, current market conditions, competitive landscape, and personal needs as a seller. An intricate web of factors also range from local events and buyer demographics to local climatic considerations.

Selling during the Fall season is a great idea, especially if your timeshare is in a region that is particularly attractive during this time of year.

You may want to speak with a real estate professional or timeshare resale specialist who understands the unique dynamics of the timeshare market in your area. Their insights and expertise can guide you in determining the best timing and approach for selling your timeshare.

Fortunately, with you get access to the type of support necessary to sell your timeshare. With no upfront fees to pay, you can upload your information into our self-service platform and our system will auto-create an ad for you in a matter of minutes. Your timeshare will be available to the world wide web, where our online marketing tactics work to bring buyers to our network of websites.

Once inquiries are made on your ad, the licensed agents of our sister company, Timeshare Broker Associates, will verify that the inquiries are legitimate and not some sort of personal information phishing scam. TBA agents will contact you and provide the specialist advice you need to make a successful sale.

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