When and Why Should You Use Timeshare Broker Services?


Jason Connolly

April 27, 2022

Breaking Down the Benefits of Working With a Timeshare Broker

If you’re new to the timeshare sales process, you may not be aware of or familiar with the need for timeshare broker services. While not required, timeshare broker services can help timeshare owners navigate the sale of their deeded timeshare simply because this type of sale is a lot like real estate. 

What is a Timeshare Broker? 

Timeshare brokers are real estate agents who are licensed by their home state to sell and process real estate transactions. Because several timeshare ownership options are deeded, the sale functions like a real estate transaction, making broker services helpful in ensuring a smooth sales process. 

Leveraging timeshare broker services often means paying a sales commission, but only after the completion of a sale. There are no upfront fees.  

A broker applies their expertise to find a qualified buyer for your timeshare property and to complete the resale transaction – both of which are time-consuming and often stressful aspects of the timeshare sales process to tackle on your own.  

Timeshare brokers have experience in a number of critical areas that can greatly reduce the pressure on timeshare owners during the sales process. This expertise can include:

  • Negotiating timeshare sales 

  • Having the legal ability to price a timeshare on the resale market 

  • Making sure sales contracts are correctly prepared and are ready to be sent to closing

  • Establishing escrow accounts

  • Filing requests for estoppels from the resort to verify ownership (essentially verifying the terms, conditions, and status of the timeshare ownership)

  • Sending out necessary and timely notifications throughout the sales process 

How Do I Find a Qualified Timeshare Broker? 

Like any service need, it can seem overwhelming to know where to look to find a qualified person for the job.  

One of the benefits of working with Sell a Timeshare is that we have a sister company, Timeshare Broker Associates, that provides trusted broker services to negotiate and execute your timeshare sale.  

Our advertising platform is self-service with no advertising fees, but one of our affiliated broker agents will confirm any offers with the buyer before notifying you of the offer, and then will work with you to move forward with the offer if desired.  

You can confidently put the often complex elements of your timeshare sales transaction into the hands of a broker, with no upfront fees and only a nominal commission fee after a sale is reached. Many sellers find this to be a perfect arrangement for the peace of mind of knowing the sale was done right. 

Learn more about our comprehensive sales process.

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