How to Sell a Timeshare in Florida


Jason Connolly

March 16, 2023

Looking to Put Your Florida Timeshare Up for Sale? Here’s How.

If you’re wondering how to sell a timeshare in Florida, we have an easy answer for you: sell on the resale market! Florida is filled with popular vacation destinations from Disney World and the Orlando area to Key West and Daytona Beach, making your Florida timeshare an attractive purchase for prospective buyers. 

Is There a Market for My Florida Timeshare?

There is absolutely a market for your Florida timeshare, especially if you sell on the resale market. However, you should understand that it is a buyer’s market, so using a professional to help you sell your Florida timeshare is the best way to successfully and responsibly move on from your ownership. We’ll elaborate more on this point later in this article.

Florida is home to many top-rated timeshare brands like Disney Vacation Club, Marriott Vacation Club, Hilton Grand Vacations, and Club Wyndham, and these premium brands tend to retain their value better than others. If you own a timeshare in Florida that is part of one of these brands, you may find it is faster and easier to sell your timeshare on the resale market. 

However, if your timeshare isn’t part of one of these aforementioned top-rated brands, don’t be deterred. Even if the demand isn’t as great, there is a buyer out there looking for every type of timeshare, and given the popularity of Florida’s many destinations, you’re sure to find an interested buyer on the resale market. 

Will I Make Money Selling My Florida Timeshare?

While you will likely make money selling your Florida timeshare,, it is unlikely you’ll find a buyer who will pay full price. 

Because the original price of your timeshare included marketing fees and sales commissions, you paid more at the resort than the true value of your timeshare. Those fees and commissions don’t exist in resale prices, so buyers will be expecting to pay a fraction of what you paid for your timeshare. For this reason, you should not go into the timeshare sales process expecting to make back what you originally paid for your timeshare.

The benefit of selling your timeshare is being able to make a responsible exit from your timeshare and its maintenance fees, and selling on the resale market allows you to make some money in the process. 

How to Sell My Florida Timeshare

The most important steps when selling your timeshare are gathering all of the ownership documentation you received when you initially purchased the timeshare, which should include the deed and original purchase and sales agreement. If you need additional help understanding the documentation you’ll need to begin the sale process, our sister company, Timeshare Broker Associates, provides licensed brokers who can help negotiate the sale and closing for an applied commission after the sale is closed. 

You’ll also need to know specific information about your timeshare to make sure prospective buyers can easily see what they’ll be getting with their purchase. This information includes:

  • Your resort brand, if applicable, and where in Florida it’s located

  • The time of year and season in which you own

  • Whether your Florida timeshare is a fixed week (the same time each year) or a floating week, which enables flexible booking

  • The unit size and basic bedroom/bathroom layout details

  • Whether your ownership is annual or biennial

  • The number of points you own, how many points the buyer can purchase, and if your points will transfer

However, even if you have all of the necessary details and documentation, you still need an effective method to sell your timeshare to a qualified buyer. 

Why Should I Sell My Florida Timeshare on the Resale Market?

The resale market is just like any marketplace – and if you work with Sell a Timeshare you can easily post your timeshare for sale using our free online advertising platform. All you have to do is include those important details prospective buyers will want to know, and then simply wait for an offer to come through! 

Savvy buyers know the best deals can be found on the resale market, and they will put their offer through our site. Sell a Timeshare is a completely transparent, self-service, for-sale-by-owner platform with no middleman, huge commissions, or hidden fees to advertise your timeshare for sale. 

We provide one of the most reliable, effective, and risk-free ways to sell your timeshare through a free advertising model that is able to reach more than one million potential buyers annually. We use savvy marketing tactics and years of experience in the timeshare sales industry to make it happen. 

Once you activate your subscription, you’re able to post a free ad and simply wait for offers to come in. If you want help with the sale negotiations or the closing, contact our sister company, Timeshare Broker Associates. 

Here are the steps you’ll follow after you create your free subscription with Sell a Timeshare:

  1. Get your timeshare information together – make sure you have the ownership documents and timeshare details to prepare for specific questions the buyer may have. 

  2. Create your free timeshare ad, providing basic information about your timeshare, such as location, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and how many points you own, if applicable. Our automated system will then create your ad.

  3. Provide updated and accurate contact information to ensure you’re accessible to interested buyers. Inquiries and offers will be made by email, so be sure to use an email address you check regularly.

  4. Respond to inquiries quickly as buyers don’t want to wait too long for a response. Check your emails regularly to capture inquiries and offers when they happen. 

What to Avoid When Selling Your Florida Timeshare

If you want to sell your timeshare and aren’t sure which path you’ll follow, keep in mind that there are a lot of timeshare scams out there that target sellers. Here are a few tips to be sure you don’t get scammed. 

  • Work with a reputable resale company, like Sell a Timeshare, that has experience selling timeshares and the backing of the world’s foremost timeshare resort industry and tourism associations.

  • Get everything in writing before you agree to sell your timeshare to ensure a paper trail and proper accountability. 

  • If a company promises to sell your timeshare right away to a waiting buyer, consider that promise a red flag and don’t continue to work with them.

  • Don’t send money by wire or gift cards.  

Working with a professional, experienced timeshare resale broker licensed in your state is, in our recommendation, the best approach. You typically won’t pay any upfront fees to list your timeshare for sale, and while the broker may charge a flat fee or commission, it will only be charged after the sale is complete. This is why we recommend involving the full service support of our sister company, Timeshare Broker Associates, so they can help you qualify potential buyers and ensure a smooth sales process.

If you want to make a responsible exit from your Florida timeshare, selling on the resale market is your best option. 

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